American Horror Story: Smoke Signals
October 27, 2022 6:26 PM - Season 11, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Hannah learns what may be the origin of the virus she discovered on Fire Island, as Gino and Patrick hunt for the killer.
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I'm finding this season a bit of a chore so far; there isn't a lot of humor here, even dark humor, and it all feels more like a dour procedural than a horror story. Big stretches of it are actually kind of boring. The Jeffrey Dahmer-esque killer is too gross and weird -- but in a strangely banal way -- to hold my interest; I keep waiting for the real threat to show up, but we're almost halfway through the season. (FX is doubling up episodes, perhaps simply to burn them off, and if Wikipedia is to be trusted, there are only five more.)

I thought at first the plague was AIDS, but it seems more like...Lyme? I guess? If it's a straight up sci-fi element, maybe it can account for why Charlie got so aggressive in the hospital, and possibly why the cop went all dark and BDSM. I'm not really sure what's going on, honestly, but I'm not especially invested in figuring it out. A little old school AHS random weirdness would be welcome right now, just to break up the tedium.
posted by kittens for breakfast at 6:37 PM on October 27, 2022

The killer doesn't seem Dahmeresque to me. Dahmer wanted company like Dennis Nilsen. This killer doesn't seem to be be killing for company.

I just think this entire season i such a mistake despite the talent.
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