Tales of the Jedi: Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi
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A six-episode series of short episodes (about 15 minutes each) with stories about characters from the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars, particularly Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku.

Besides Ahsoka and Dooku, characters include Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Yaddle, Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker, and Bail Organa; many of the characters' VAs from The Clone Wars return, as do live-action actors Ian McDiarmid and Liam Neeson. The timeline stretches from Ahsoka's birth to just after the fall of the Republic.
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I haven't gotten to the last one yet, but I was not at all prepared for how grim these would be tonally. Appropriately so, of course—as I said to Mrs., "More like FAILS of the Jedi, hurrr hurrr"—but it's an interesting shift even from the later Rebels, and I hope CG SW continues it.
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Young Dooku had a very Severus Snape-ish aspect to him. I also liked Young Qui-Gon; reminded me a bit of a certain farmboy, even though Qui-Gon is actually from Coruscant.
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I watched the first three last night. The first Ahsoka episode was a bit meh for me, but I like that they are giving Dooku a bit more depth. I was never all that interested in him as a character before, but showing his frustration with the Jedi protecting the interests of the elite goes a long way toward making him a bit more sympathetic.

It might help that one of the things I really dislike about the prequels is how far away it was from my own head canon for what the Jedi were. I had never imagined them as galaxy cops or special forces, but more like wandering ascetic warrior monks who serve the Force rather than getting involved in politics or any particular interest.
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Galaxy Cops makes me think of Vegan Police
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I'm partway through this. I'm extremely emotionally attached to the prequel era and The Clone Wars, in a way that defies logic, so revisiting these characters made me happy. I loved Ahsoka's mother - her character design was gorgeous, strong and graceful, and you can see where Ahsoka gets her courage and strength from. The extended cameo from Yaddle was interesting; I enjoyed getting to know her a little better.
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OSV Yaddle does not speak.
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Not a Jedi but I was stupidly happy to see Rex again. Dude should have his own show.
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I admit to being weirded out that Yaddle had hair?
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Yaddle had hair when we saw her in Ep. 1 (indeed, Yoda has a few wispy strands, but when nine hundred years old you reach, look as good your coif will not).

I was more weirded out that 42 and a half years after Yoda’s first appearance, settled the question we have, and learned we that Yoda’s idiosyncratic syntax to him specific is.
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Or rather, that one of the two of them speaks in an unusual fashion.
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Wow, this was grim. Ashoka’s stand-off with the Inquisitor was very bad-ass, I love when they make a point that a random bad-ass force user with a lightsaber is just not in the same league as a Jedi.
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Oh also when did it become cannon that Qui-Gon was Dooku’s apprentice? I hate that shit. Anyway, Dooku’s story was pretty good, and it does underscore the absolute worst aspect of the prequel-era Jedi, that they really were just special-forces units in service of preserving the status quo for the Republic. So boring, so not worth restoring as an Order.
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