Special Event: MLB: The 2022 World Series
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The Philadelphia Phillies face off against the Houston Astros in this year's fall classic.

Game 1: Friday 10/28 8:03 PM EDT @Astros
Game 2: Saturday 10/29 8:03 PM EDT @Astros
Game 3: Monday 10/31 8:03 PM EDT @Phillies
Game 4: Tuesday 11/01 8:03 PM EDT @Phillies
Game 5: Wednesday 11/02 8:03 PM EDT @Phillies (if necessary)
Game 6: Friday 11/04 8:03 PM EDT @Astros (if necessary)
Game 7: Saturday 11/05 8:03 PM EDT @Astros (if necessary)
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Go Phillies!

Apparently Astro's superfan and furniture store owner "Mattress Mack" placed a combined $10 million in bets on the Astros winning another championship for a possible pay out of $75 million. Note that he placed these bets much earlier in the season; Astros are now the favorites to win.
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I don't know who's going to win game 1, it's 5-5 at the end of the 8th inning, but Kyle Schwarber has stolen the base that earns America free tacos. For the past five years, the team whose player clinched free tacos for all America won the World Series. The last time a player stole a taco and did not win the World Series was also in the last Fall Classic that Schwarber played in.

This game has been wild. Good times.
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In 1980, the Astros and Phillies were both in the National League. They met in the NLCS, widely considered to be the "most grueling playoff series in major league history". The last four of the five games went to extra innings. That was the last time these two teams met in the postseason. Which means that they have now played five straight extra-innings playoff games, spread over 43 years. There are only two active MLB players who were alive at the beginning of that streak (Rich Hill and Nelson Cruz).
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I'm really enjoying this collision between the "no sane mortal would challenge us" 2022 Astros and the "that sign won't stop me because I can't read" 2022 Phillies.

(with apologies, stolen from a tweet I can't find right now)
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Go Giants!
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I can't believe I fell asleep last night somewhere around the bottom of the 8th. I love my Phillies, and I really don't expect them to escape the Astros. As usual, Phillies twitter is so much fun during the games.

I'm also hoping that the Giants get Aaron Judge, because I'm scared that the Mets will get him.
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1-1 looks like fun!
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As a Sox fan, I'm glad that my second favorite AL team made the World Series, the NotTheYankees. But since it's Houston that made the show, I've got to root for Philly and I'm really not sure how to feel about that.
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Heh, the Phillies are making the most of their home field advantage so far in the delayed game 3. Was briefly worried the refs would overturn that Marsh homerun and ruin that all boy's life, but phew.
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I am delighted that they left McCullers in the game this long.
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There's a clip going around where Harper calls Bohm over, nods toward McCullers then whispers something. Bohm hits a homer on the next pitch. People are going crazy trying to figure out if McCullers was tipping his pitches.
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I was listening on the radio then, not watching, but the radio team mentioned that too. And there’s a few video analyses of McCullers delivery, though McCullers insists he wasn’t tipping his pitches. I just find it amazing what an MLB batter can do when he knows what pitch is coming (without a trash can involved).
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The irony of a team that stole a World Series by cheating to know what pitch was coming getting smacked around by a team that knew what pitch was coming while playing completely fair is positively delicious.
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Kind of a fun summary/analysis of game 3 over at The Athletic, including this bit on McCullers giving up more homeruns in this game (5) than he had in the entire season and postseason leading up to it (4):
So exactly how rare is it for a pitcher to allow more home runs in a World Series game than he’d given up all year? I asked STATS to take a look at that. They found three other pitchers in history who’d faced at least 240 hitters that year and then coughed up more homers in one World Series outing than in all their other outings combined. And one of them was Babe Ruth!
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@madddiexo: this guy just bought fireball for everyone at my bar, saw an astros fan and said except that guy fuck him. then tipped me $200 lmfao
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if it was fireball then that guy was clearly an Astros fan
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Wawa hexed the Phillies with their tweet Each time they get a hit, take a bite of your hoagie! #Schwarberfest. Awkward.

Anyway no hits for the Phillies tonight, and series is 2-2.
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