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October 28, 2022 4:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Flynne and Wilf seek Aelita; Burton addresses a new threat.
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Well, finally some fan service.
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The beginning of a Wilf/Flynne romance across timelines. We'll see where that goes.

Cherise's offing of Grace was a deliciously James Bond evil-guy murder method. "I'm covered in bees!"
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I don't think it was an offing, I think it was torturing ("you can either dig your own grave, or that of who (I mean whom) you tell the secret - choose which one you want it to be") which is the explanation of how now-former 2nd big bad knew where to show up.
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What was Alita doing in the research facility? Why did she have "burton's" polt use their polt eye on the dangley pyramid?

Flynn is a gamer and when you're in a game, your character has speed, strength, etc. When Flynn is in the peripheral, do they have "combat skills" they can use? Or does Flynn "know Kung fu"?

On another note, this show is set in the near future, and the far future. Knowing William Gibson and his love for foreign-Americana, I feel the far future should dress in more amiericana than fashion forward, and the near future should wear more (current) Haut Couture inspired looks. Ha. But that would be really strange to see, I think.
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If anyone's watching this as they read the thread, there's a brief flashback of the eye surgery shortly after the grandfather clock bit.

I thought the woman attacked by bees should've made a run for it, huddled under her jacket, or gone for a looong hug. Also, once they sting, the bees die, so that was a waste of valuable bees.

Anyone else feeling like the ensemble cast is too big? Or not excited by interdepartmental corporate warfare, not invested in the org chart?

My suspension of disbelief may have been fluctuating anyway once I realized: In the future, they're able to slap people through computers, with techno staple guns.
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when it comes to the peripherals, i got the sense that if you could imagine it, you could do it (within the constraints of physics and the physical limitations of the hardware). thus Flynne doing a series of gymnastic moves when entering the party, trying out what's possible.
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The adoption scene. Chills up and down my spine when I absolutely did not expect them.
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inspired looks

"The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed."

But interesting point. The stub is a one-stoplight town, or feels thereabouts, but they've got internet and deliveries re: 3D print shop shipping stuff out.

In the 90's, small towns felt more like the 70's maybe even the 60s, in the 00's the 80's/90s. I haven't been much, but small towns are pretty much the same as cities these days, right? In terms of fashion and consumer goods.

On the flipside, you have urbanites with ridiculously tricked out trucks that the "roughest" terrain they'll see is a speedbump at the mall parking lot. Camo and trucker hat optional.
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Still very invested in my headcanon, where instead of the Blue Mountains, the future makes contact with a little 5000-person town in rural Ontario, pulling the Toughest Man in Town, Wayne, and his sister Katy, into a multi-sided polyconflict with other factions.

“So you’re running a drone tournament with your buddies the other day…”
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What was Alita doing in the research facility? Why did she have "burton's" polt use their polt eye on the dangley pyramid?

After re-watch of the first episode, and considering all the plot-lines together, I think there are a lot of clues:
  • Just before the pyramid room, Aelita tells the polt (Flynne) something like: "I'm giving you a tremendous gift here. I hope you're worthy of it."
  • Just before the pyramid beaming, she tells Flynne something like: "Are you ready to recieve your destiny?"
  • When Aelita appears as the barefoot girl in the first scene of the series (which seems to be chronologically just before the RI breach/heist) she tells Wilf/Wolf that she's "Saving a world."
And then, from this episode:
  • Before Henchman #1 dies, he tells Flynne something like: "She won't stop until you're dead. You took something."
So, it seems to me that Flynne got a download of sorts, that contains the ingredients to save her world.

I like everything about the show a lot. But it seems weird to me that the RI has that pyramid thing just sitting there, waiting to give up the family jewels to any old eye that walks in.
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A thought occured to me after the first two episodes, that was reinforced after seeing Cherise describe Grace's job: "The data you're bring back from the stub may save us all one day, from ourselves."

There seem to be echos of the Michaiah Johnson's novel The Space Between Worlds in the work of the Research Institute. In the book, one timeline discovered a way to traverse into other parallel timelines, and then proceeded to harvest them (essentially strip mine them) of resources and information.
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NYTimes: ‘The Peripheral’ Isn’t Really About the Future

In which all the show runners/producers and Gibson himself are interviewed.
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No love for Chris Stapleton? Only a matter of time before DBT shows up on the soundtrack.

It was good to see Wilf’s skills as a bullshit artist getting a workout, which is closer to original Wilf than action-Wilf. Nasty parallel between Cornell and Lev, though.
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Who were Wilf and Aelita's adoptive parents, and what is the "service" that they were performing for their government?

And yes, I understand the need to move the plot along, but Flynne guessing the Snow riddle so quickly was a bit of lazy writing. As was Wilf's leap to setting the grandfather clock to Flynne's time. Haptic drift feels like love? Ugh. Corbell pulling a Randall Flagg crucifixion scene? Did not love the writing on this episode.

But wow, tonight's music: Chris Stapleton, Outlaw State of Mind

“A Covered Bridge Too Far”
by Aaron Kaplan & Jamison Hollister

“Sleeping on the Blacktop”
by Colter Wall
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It was this episode where I realized that I'm less and less interested in the show about the small town in Kentucky or whatever. But then again I watched all seasons of Sneaky Pete and Justified so it's possible I'm just full up with that sort of thing.
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