American Horror Story: The Body
November 3, 2022 2:40 PM - Season 11, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Evidence appears, and Gino zeroes in on the killer. This always goes well.
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Well, fuck this: Now I just want a show about Denis O'Hare as the gay Mike Ehrmantraut in the 1980s.
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This went from dour melodrama to weird gothic so fast I'm not sure when it happened. It wouldn't be AHS without massive tonal shifts, but this is something really special: even as the realistic side of the story comes into disturbingly sharp focus as it grows clear that probably every character (except for maybe the lesbians and Patty LuPone) has AIDS, including the pregnant lady!!!, the pulpier side of the story has gone really pulpy, with Mr. Whitely and his absurd Pride Parade-crashing plot that makes him seem like nothing so much as a Batman villain by way of Hannibal.

Next week, I believe, wraps this season. See you then! Same AHS time, same AHS channel.
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