The Prowler (1981)
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A masked killer, wearing World War II U.S. Army fatigues, stalks a small New Jersey town bent on reliving a 35-year-old double murder by focusing on a group of college kids holding an annual Spring Dance.

Starring Vicky Dawson, Christopher Goutman, Lawrence Tierney, Farley Granger, Cindy Weintraub, Lisa Dunsheath.

Directed by Joseph Zito (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter). Written by Neal Barbera, Glenn Leopold. Practical effects by Tom Savini.

71% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming in the US on Shudder, Tubi, and Vudu. Justwatch listing.
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The story, while maybe a little more interesting than a generic slasher, is still no great shakes, but the execution is good enough that it was an early highlight of the slasher subgenre. Dreamlike in places, with the weird POV stuff usually used for victims, instead of the killer.

Tom Savini's effects on the kills here are vicious and well-done. As an FX piece, it's pretty interesting.
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