The Founders Trilogy
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From the author of the Divine Cities Trilogy comes a magic-punk world of daring heists, huge action setpieces, scheming guilds, ancient gods, and societal upheaval. Sancia, a thief escaped from a plantation, enters a city full of physical magic programs that can rewrite the world, finds allies and love, and risks everything to replace the systems around her with new ones that work for everyone.
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I love this series! Magical Renaissance CYBERPUNK!

This is a series that was thought-provoking in the best of ways, using a fantasy lens to examine questions more often posed by science fiction -- such as what happens when our technology outpaces our wisdom.

Plus a queer love story, and I am always here for a queer love story.
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I have sincere plans to read the series very soon but there's a few books ahead of it. I have heard nothing but acclaim for these three.
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