Special Event: 📢📢📢 Week 3 Update – With your help, we’re charting a way forward.
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The Week 3 Fundraising Update is live on MetaTalk. We’ve blown past our Survive target thanks to you, and are well on our way to being able to 🌱Revive🌱 Metafilter!

New recurring contributions since the start of the fundraiser: $10,060.25
New one-time contributions since the start of the fundraiser: $64,594.89


Mefites have pulled the site out of its financial hole and set it well on the road to financial stability. Though the urgency isn’t as acute as it was, we ask you to make one final push for the site. Right now, the site is only inches away from the Revive scenario, and here’s what you can do to get us over the finish line:

📢 Help fund Metafilter
📢 Take part in the inaugural Metafilter Events
📢 Go Black Friday shopping with the AskMe Black Friday Shopping Guide
📢 US pet owners, use our Chewy affiliate link
📢 Use your contacts to promote the site and the fundraiser!

Check the MetaTalk thread for all the details.
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If anyone still needs an excuse to donate, I'm still offering hyperspecific film recommendations for a $5 donation and an entire slate of six FF movie posts on the theme of your choosing for a $20 donation.

I've done four of the latter so far (you can see the results here) and it has been a blast for me.

I believe I have caught up with everyone, but if I still owe you some FF magic for a donation, hit me up on MeMail and I'll have it before I go to bed tonight.

Still looking for a new theme for tomorrow!
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