Dead to Me: Final season (all episodes)
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All roads have lead to this.

Christina Applegate has speculated that this is “quite possibly” her last major acting role. Before the series dropped (so no spoilers) she gave an extensive interview to the New York Times on the considerable challenges and adaptations involved with filming this season while also living with multiple sclerosis:

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[once you’re ready for season/series spoilers, sidebar links to a warts-and-all AVClub review of the season and a more rose-tinted one from Time, aptly titled, “Dead to Me Was a Love Story All Along”]
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I quit Netflix a while ago because of Dave Chappelle, but a third season of Dead to Me might make me come back. Thanks for this post.
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I'm so glad Christina Applegate got to finish this. MS has been so hard on her.
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Just finished this tonight, I liked it a lot. There's certainly been a transformation over the seasons and it ended in a much different place than I thought it would go in the first season, but I liked this season more than #2 and this was a nice wrap up. I'm a big fan of Garret Dillahunt (even in "Raising Hope"), so he was nice to see in a cool little role. Katey Sagal was also a powerful spice used sparingly. When Judy was leaving her at the halfway house or whatever, my heart just dropped. The chemistry between them was perfect.
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I really enjoyed this, and it hit hard emotionally. That the season revolved around Judy's diagnosis while knowing Christina Applegate was dealing with her real-life one added a whole extra layer of resonance.

It was nice to see Sagal and Applegate acting together again too.
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