Mammals: Full Season
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Jamie and Amandine appear to have an idyllic marriage until Amandine gives her husband her phone in the wake of a miscarriage to let people know what happened.
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Despite a great cast, the plot of this is not only predictable but so annoying that it's difficult to care. Sprinkling liberal amounts of information about, you guessed it, mammals as well the life of Coco Chanel does not save it.
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Yeah, I watched the whole thing and didn't care for it overall. It feels like the fundamental message (we're all MAMMALS! like dogs or something! monogamy isn't all that common in animals!) has been covered already, say, by every film made in the 1970s and most French films of the last 100 years.

Good actors and sometimes good writing though. The Coco Chanel stuff felt lifted from a different, more interesting show. My favorite character was Tom Jones.
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The scene where Corden tells his wife about how he read everything about whales and tom jones that night and starts fusing both those facts was great. As someone without ADHD that scene really worked, but then the rest of it was just...why?
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