The Walking Dead: Rest in Peace (Series Finale)
November 22, 2022 11:11 AM - Season 11, Episode 24 - Subscribe

Our survivors must save their kids and the Commonwealth.

After 11-ish seasons (that’s the formal count, but the real-life pandemic stretched out the last two seasons) and three spin-off series (plus games and webisodes) with three more to come, the original series finally staggered to an end.

The funniest moment was when Darryl finally said the name of the show. They should have had him wink to the camera and ended the episode right there.
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I was hoping it was all a dream.
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I was hoping that one of the new spin-off shows would have been revealed to be a fake-out because the character(s) died in the finale. Would have been an even higher profile version of the fake solicitations for issues of the comic after it came to a sudden end.
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I have watched this show from the beginning with various years-long stops and restarts. Due to the imminent spinoffs, the series finale really felt more like a season finale... we know there's more to come.

Wired: The Rosita thing
Tired: We are the ones who live/Judith's narration/basically all of it
Expired: Lydia's arm
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"...when Darryl finally said the name of the show" -- yep, I yelled out "He said it! He said it!"

And now...finally...our long national nightmare is ov...wait, what? Spinoff? Spinoffs PLURAL?

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My husband and I watched the last few shows in one night. We played a drinking game that I suggested - one shot for every time Eugene cries or gets tears in his eyes. We got pretty drunk.

I did love when Daryl said "the walking dead" and was hoping someone would use the word zombie, as I don't believe it's ever been said by anyone during the run of the show.
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Three spins offs? And THREE MORE TO COME?!

I only knew about Fear and whatever the "Walking Dead: The Next Generation" one is called (never bothered to watch it).
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