Star Trek: Prodigy: Masquerade
November 24, 2022 4:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Or: "Flowers for Dalgernon"

No alteration is too drastic to eliminate imperfections from Memory Alpha:

Ronny Cox reprises his role as Jellico from TNG: "Chain of Command" parts I and II (FF previously: I and II).

• The Tal Shiar is the Romulan intelligence service, established in TNG: "Face of the Enemy" (FF previously) and used extensively in DS9.

• The job Okona describes concerning the Jewel of Thesia was depicted in TNG: "The Outrageous Okona."

"I see traces of Vulcan, Proto-Organian… Sloppy work, in my opinion. Miracle you can talk."
- Dr. Jago, on Dal's genetic background

"First an admiral, now a Romulan hit squad? Who are you guys?"
- Okona

Poster's Log:
Love the new look of the Tal Shiar! Not to mention a little Cronenbergian body horror from Dal. I also always enjoy a nice space elevator—it's a tech I always beeline for in Civ IV.

Could've done without another one of these "smart means arrogant" plots (a la what may be the worst Always Sunny episode), not to mention a more-direct-than-usual expression of the "genetic alteration is cheating" philosophy of, I guess, Trek itself? and not just the Federation? since Rok is the one to express it.

I was worried that Okona's inclusion in this show would end up feeling forced and entirely nostalgia-motivated, and his rapid (and apparently permanent) exit here is kind of that. OTOH, he did serve the valuable narrative purpose of getting us to Noble Isle, a location that's (A) cool in both a Trek-worldbuilding way and a straight-up sci-fi way, and (B) a means to finally move forward on one of our…four? five? Main Cast Mysterious Backgrounds. And IMO it seems right that Dal still has a ways to go confidence-wise.

Called it about Murf being a superweapon! Well, okay, maybe just a living weapon, in a sort of Odo-ish fashion.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
Quite a big reveal at the end. The list of ways in which this show is basically a sequel, or at least an homage/spiritual heir, to Voyager now includes "evil future version of a primary character."

I will wager any amount of any commodity that Brent Spiner is coming to this show at some point.
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They did make a big deal about the cheating of it all; but without it, they'd have been captured almost immediately.
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"evil future version of a primary character."

Do we think that Asencia is future Gwyn? Because my son and I are on the "that's a different Van N'Akat lady" page.
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that that's more of a "Skynet didn't just send one Terminator back."

I'm a little more sanguine about the "smart means arrogant" thing, because in this case it seems to flow a bit more naturally out of Dal's sense of inferiority; everyone else on the crew seems to have something a bit more extra, and sometimes it seems like he grabbed the captain's chair specifically because he didn't have a specialty to naturally gravitate to. I do wonder why he was assembled out of so many different genomes, unless it was just some Soong disciple playing gene Legos. One of the things that I appreciate about this show is that it establishes that the galaxy is more diverse and weird than just what we've seen so far, and so the idea that there were various Soong disciples going hither and yon and just messing around with multi-species chimerae, simply because they could, makes a certain amount of sense. (Maybe we'll find out that one of them wandered over to the Gamma Quadrant and got hired on by the Founders to make the Vorta and Jem'Hadar.)

Also, kind of cool that Okona at least knows when he's out of his league and bows out, rather than having to be the big damn hero every time. I think that I like him better this way than the first time.
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I enjoyed it, though I'm getting increasingly nervous about the ticking time bomb on Janeway's ship.

Dal's genetic past is even more intriguing given the Star Fleet alert on wanting him to be brought to the HQ. Aside from possibly being a living violation of Star Fleet genetic experimentation, it seems like the kid has a destiny.

The Tal'shiar being taken out by a motley crew of misfits has strong Farscape feels.
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I do want to know what language he was speaking before they got the Universal Translator working -- the one only Gwyn spoke. That probably tells us something, right?
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so like

why were there just regular signs for the Japanese suit store chain Aoyama and the restaurant Kuishinbo on the Vegas strip in this episode
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