Parks and Recreation: Save JJ's
January 27, 2015 6:07 PM - Season 7, Episode 6 - Subscribe

In hope of keeping J.J.'s diner open, Leslie organizes a rally; Tom has a surprise gift for Donna.
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More complete synopsis from wikipedia (didn't want to spoil anything on the main page):

Following the data mining scandal, Gryzzl ups its offer for the Newport land to $125 million, and they accept. Leslie learns that JJ's Diner is closing because of the new Pawnee economic boom, as it has been purchased by Dennis Feinstein who wants to tear it down. Leslie teams up with Ron, April and Andy to host a rally to keep JJ's open. When that fails, the group finds a way to relocate JJ's, while convincing Gryzzl to restore a rundown area of Pawnee for its new headquarters and gain some badly needed good publicity by donating the Newport land for a national park. Elsewhere, Tom surprises Donna with a Treat Yo Self day in Beverly Hills, CA for her wedding gift.
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I was so excited for the return of Treat Yo Self!

This episode was a lot of fun, but it did make me wonder where else the show can go in the last 7 episodes plot-wise. The major conflict introduced this season is resolved (unless they undo the Gryzzl campus thing next week, which would be lame), Ron and Leslie made up, Tom is on his way to getting Lucy back ... are there other main plot points I'm missing? I guess there's April's search for meaning, so maybe the rest of the season will focus on her?
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I wonder if they were originally going to get 6 episode final season or something. This season has been great but they do seem to have wrapped most things up. Even April's plot line was sort of resolved last episode when Craig convinced her how much better her life was for working there.

Donna has to have a wedding and there are a few more names that rhyme with Jerry, but that's about it.
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Johnny Karate and his mini-ninja horde will never fail to amuse me.
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I dunno, I've already been pleasantly surprised at how the last few episodes have gone. I'm sure they can come up with something. (And I say that as I'm watching their new plan for Gryzzl's campus.)

Oh god, the 420 face on his watch-thing.
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I enjoyed it and while I was a bit surprised they wrapped up the Gryzzl aspect, I was okay with it. I somewhat expect there to be ripple effects to everything that happened, from the gentrification of the neighborhood to the details of actually donating land to the National Park Service.

Someday I hope someone puts together, perhaps for the lifetime achievement Oscar, a super cut of all Josh Groban's cameos and snippets in network television over the years. I don't know if I want to watch him in a sitcom, but I love seeing him randomly pop up in places.

Craig's reign at the restaurant. Long Live the Craig.
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I read somewhere last night but cannot find it so I may be screwing up some of the details, that Retta has often bet people on how often "Treat Yo Self" shows up on Twitter and if it has been more than 6 minutes, she buys dinner. She has yet to buy dinner.

(I had not read any episode descriptions prior to this episode so Treat Yo Self 2017 was a bigger surprise than when LeBron James left Cleveland again.)
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(I had not read any episode descriptions prior to this episode so Treat Yo Self 2017 was a bigger surprise than when LeBron James left Cleveland again.)

I think they've been doing a great job with the two years in the future setting; the jokes about it are basically all things you could miss fairly easily and I appreciate that they haven't been jumping up and down going "GET IT? THE FUTURE! THIS JOKE IS ABOUT BEING IN THE FUTURE!", it's just stuff that is plausibly dropped into the conversation.
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I like the way they are doing it, and I love the jokes they are making. Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch, for example, as a punchline really speaks to me.
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My friend saw this episode and recognized the place, so I got to go to the restaurant where they film the interiors for JJ's Diner today. They have really good pie.
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I love the politics this show is putting out. I can only hope that the message that "money is amoral" might actually stick with some people. (I'm still bitter about the Little Giant breakfast joint being priced out by a greedy landlord.)
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Wait, are they in 2017 or 2018? If it's the latter, my bet is that the main arc for the last few episodes will involve Leslie running for Congress.
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It's supposed to be 2017. The confusion kind of jumps up that it's three years into the future, but that's from 2014 when the season finale made the time jump, but now we're in 2015, so it feels like it should be 2018.
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