Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga
January 27, 2015 6:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny help Nick Hawley combat his evil childhood caretaker; Captain Irving adjusts to his new reality. (Crane vs the 21st century moment of the week - karaoke)
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I was so-so on the last karaoke scene, where Crane joins in singing Proud Mary. He sure handled it as if he'd sung along to it many, many times before.

Overall, though...okay episode. Sort of a transition episode...Just moving the show along. Crane and Abbie have a moment in the vault that helps them mend fences, more or less. Irving settles back into home life...more or less. Hawley supposedly moves on.

For sure, we'll be seeing Crane use the angel's amulet in a future show.
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Irving has no reflection! I called him being evil, though I'm sure team Wonder Witnesses + Worst Witch Katrina will find a magical Buffalo nickel from some historical figure that can free his soul from possession or whatever. This show is losing me, but good job on that Ford product placement this week, I guess.
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But he had a reflection in the interrogation room, didn't he? I already deleted it from my dvr so someone else needs to go check, i'll wait here.
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Hawley's home planet needed him!
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I wouldn't have disliked Hawley so much if his appearence hadn't been at the expense of Jenny - the show could do with more characters filling out the world. I wasn't sorry to see him sent off, though, and if he comes back maybe he'll be handled better.
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The writers were also doing an unfair bit of baiting by naming Hawley's mom-type-thing Carmilla. I thought for sure they were headed into vampire territory.

It seemed like Hawley's only purpose was to provide the deus ex machina of the week, so maybe if he's gone they're going to branch out in their future plot structures?
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But he had a reflection in the interrogation room, didn't he? I already deleted it from my dvr so someone else needs to go check, i'll wait here.

I hadn't deleted yet - the AV Club recap [link] mentioned it being during the Katrina scene. It's at the very end, when Irving and his wife are embracing, he can't see himself in the window. (I totally missed it the first time around; on my tv there was barely a reflection of his wife she was just a white blob of her shirt and a dark blob of the back of her head, if it wasn't for the music cue I wouldn't have had any clue that I was supposed to find that shot significant.)
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Right, I know about the end scene where he's hugging his wife. But I'm talking about when he's in the interrogation room with Abbie in the police station, I thought I remembered seeing his reflection in that mirrored window thing they have at the back of the room.
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now i can't even remember if the scene i am thinking of actually exists or if i'm conflating it with gina and boyle's dad in the interrogation room in b99 or the bum interrogation room scene on agent carter

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Yeah, FB confirmed that during his whole interrogation room thing he had a reflection. Maybe he can't see HIMSELF in mirrors?
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He seemed surprised by that, like maybe it was something that Katrina just did.
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