Slow Horses: Season 2
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Jackson Lamb is on high alert after a former spy is found dead. Trailer. The Guardian: Every scene in this series has a finesse of quality or invention. Full of lovely comedy and espionage antics. On Apple TV.
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Possibly more of a FF Talk topic: So if the full season has been posted and all the episodes aren’t out yet, how much can we discuss?
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Someone get Lamb a napkin. I am surprised at how immensely enjoyable it is to watch a team of people not working together in even the slightest way.
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Thanks for the reminder. I caught up watching the first two episodes and then forgot it had started waiting for the third. This season seems to be following the book more than the first season’s did or maybe I just remember this plot better. Still top-notch.
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Ooooh, I am excited for this. It hasn't been all that long since season one on Apple tv, so I wasn't expecting it.
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Fun fact: you can swap episodes 1 and 2 and play them in reverse order, as I did, and the series still makes perfect sense. Every episode is that tightly written and self-contained.

I'm really enjoying the ambiguity of this season: it's not immediately clear that the deaths that occur are anything other than accidents, and outside Slough House Lamb is seen as a burned-out paranoid for believing they could be anything else.
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Oh! Nice! I had no idea it was here already. Warming up the TV now...
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Enjoying this a lot. Seems to be focused more on spy tradecraft and less on the screw-ups of the Slow Horses than in season one, but they've planned a hint about a gambling addiction that i hope will pay off.
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I had to go read the Vulture recap to keep all the Russian names straight. It thoughtfully includes Lamb’s best quotes.
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Yeah, I'm enjoying that there's more spycraft and less sort of stumbling into things this season. I mean, they kind of had to have the first season be that way ("Slough House is for fuckups" would've been undermined if they were presented as half as competent as they are this season), but by the end we'd seen that they were broadly generally competent in a dangerous profession, they were just liabilities to the usual intelligence types.
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Who would you hate to be stuck in an elevator with more: Roddy or Webb?
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What, Lamb wasn't an option?
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Lamb is the one who cut off power to the elevator.
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Ah, man! I liked Min! Crap as an agent, granted, but a good guy.

And what was the reason for killing him anyway? Because he saw Pashkin? Did he really? Min was drunk and facing the other way. If he turned around, all he saw was a shape in the dark. And so what if he did see him? It was explicit that those two worked for Pashkin. It would make perfect sense for him to be there.

And while we’re on the topic, what a load of shit that Min dies, and yet somehow Webb pulls through. WTF? I mean that was a lot of blood, and he couldn’t have gotten medical attention for at least a good half hour. Guy’s like a fucking cockroach. You can’t kill him.

Other highlights: Standish’s chess game (which somehow makes me think of the darts game in Ted Lasso), and Longmarch, who comes off as a damn good agent, gambling problem or no. Tells Louisa he’s got her back, and damn if he doesn’t.

Looking forward to next season and the inevitable moment when Standish learns the truth about Partner and how he died.
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I sort of kind of but not really want to find the episode where they cased the meeting room to see if there was any possible way for Longmarch to get a gun under the table, which felt _sort_ of like a cheat. Broadly speaking the plot felt a little thrown together - there were just a lot of weird moving parts that only got a brief moment on screen because gotta go! We have a dinner with Catherine McCormack to film!

Like, I dunno, the only bit of Thumbless Russian Oligarch we saw was basically his corpse after Pashkin killed him? And he was really only in the story so that Pashkin had an excuse to arrange a meeting with MI-5 to get into the building and arrange a security event to clear the building so he could steal dead dude's diamonds and stock certificates, as one does? I mean, clever I guess?
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Yeah, that worked for me. It turns out Nevsky had nothing to do with any of this and no idea any of it was going on. They were just setting him up to steal all his money. (Or steal it back, I guess?)

I've seen enough British TV now that I'm starting to recognize people. Like Nikolai, the old guy who turns out to be the mastermind behind it all, was Violet's one-time Russian lover in Downton Abbey. There's a shift in character! And sleazeball politician (who apparently keeps failing upward. Asshole probably really be will PM in a book or two) was in All Creatures Great and Small.

As for the gun under the table, I do recall a shot of him leaning under the table and looking pretty intent, which I guess is what they meant to cover that, but it does seem a bit of a stretch. I can assume the Russian goons weren't really paying much attention because they knew this didn't really matter since there wasn't really going to be a meeting.
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Yeah, and I mean I guess I can kind of justify Pashkin killing Min simply because his whole goal was to destabilize MI-5 so they wouldn't figure out what he was planning. Min's dead, that means that Louisa is going to be distracted. Katinsky activates one of his cicadas to cause River to call a September alert, locking down the city and forcing security down predictable paths, paths that Pashkin could use to steal Nevsky's money. And Katinsky has Chernitsky activated to kill Dickie so Lamb would investigate the actual possibility of cicadas, leading River to the Troppers in their village dell. I mean, it works in retrospect, but it also felt like I didn't quite get the moments of clarity that I like in a mystery, those little "ah! that's why they did this! ... but wait what does that mean?!??!" moments.

And yeah I dunno why but I _absolutely_ did not recognize sleazeball politician until he reminded Taverner that she owed him for busting into his kitchen. Maybe it was because he was wearing a suit and not pajamas.
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This was fun, and brisk. Stuff happens pretty fast, it's not all drawn out too long like so many shows I'm exposed to. If anything the plot was too intricate!

The resolution of the train ride peril felt pretty silly.

I liked Oldman's delivery of "They've already professionally humiliated themselves. That's why they're my people."
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just finished this and wow!! so great. I'm loving Standish's quiet competence and straightforward ways of taking care of business.

can't wait for season 3!
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