The Killing Tree (2022)
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On Christmas Eve, a widow casts a spell to resurrect her executed husband. However, when the spell goes wrong, the husband is brought back as an Evil Christmas Tree and is hell-bent on getting revenge on the one who caused his execution.

You can watch the trailer here. Currently streaming on Tubi.
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Oh yeah, if I had a nickel for every time some crazed witch turned my Christmas tree into a bloodthirsty tentacled monster and sent it off to slaughter a bunch of sex-crazed teenagers... I tell you. We've all been there, amirite?

I mean there's a reason strangulation by Christmas lights is the second leading cause of death for conventionally attractive people between the ages of 18 and 29.
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like, what actual drugs do these people take? (so I can avoid them!)
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The Bloodbath & Beyond guys reviewed this movie and they made it sound uniquely excruciating. Normally they love a good bad movie, but this one seemed to just make them mad!
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Ursula Hitler: The Bloodbath & Beyond guys reviewed this movie and they made it sound uniquely excruciating.

Tubi isn’t called the “Netflix of crap” for nothing. If you’ve got a masochistic streak, there is enough rubbish to last a lifetime.

You want uniquely excruciating with a holiday flair? I submit “A Frozen Christmas Carol”. Five minutes of a poorly animated Santa and reindeer followed by 3.5 hours of a Christmas Carol read word-for-word over a repeating series of screensavers.

I swear Tubi has a hidden upload button on there somewhere as there is no way anybody vetting this before it hit the service.
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Tubi isn't JUST crap. But yeah there is a lot of crap.

I watched this other night as part of a Christmas Movie Marathon Watch Party (it was the first movie playing so most attendees missed part or all of it. The following movies were actually varying degrees of good.) It's nowhere as bad as I expected. Is it bad? Sure. But it's bad in a fairly pedestrian way.

I do agree with the Bloodbath and Beyond guys that they had a great set up! That if the movie was dude in a tree suit waddling about killing people without the bad cgi, we would have LOVED IT. But as it was we mainly used the screen time to chat about how we were doing, if we were keeping warm, what we made for christmas dinner. It wasn't so bad it made me question my life choices. And I've certainly seen movies that bad.
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