Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Spoils of War
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The Bad Batch is back, baby! And pulling a heist. [Season premiere]

The new season starts with a two-parter, taking place some time after the end of S1; Omega looks a bit older, and Tech's glasses also look a bit different to me. There's at least one new character, Phee Genoa, voiced by Wanda Sykes, and a reference to an older character: they're raiding the lost arks loot boxes war chests of Count Dooku, which are already being looted by the Empire. Surely they won't miss a couple of crates? And it'll pay off what they owe Cid! Just one last score and they'll be set. Mm-hm.
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Ah, I was trying to figure out if that was Wanda Sykes or not, but the cast list on IMDB wasn't current when I went to look.

I almost ALLLLLLMOST want to dig up a fan edit of the prequels that deals with the useful canon and skips past ... y'know, all the Jar Jar. Maybe I should just watch Rebels and Clone Wars. But at 20 years' distance, ugh, I only remember the broad strokes of the Republic vs the Separatists and how that led to the Empire. (And coming back to them with a better understanding of the prequels post-release situation, do Dooku and Grievous and Maul make any more sense, or are they just characters you barely meet who are Really Driving Things that our POV characters are unaware of? hrmph.)

It is interesting to see, in a way that Andor hasn't (being more civilian, I suppose), the sort of crossover happening between the Republic's smooth half melted tanks and ships and the Empire's dark black angular gear.
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They definitely seem a lot more settled now, particularly demonstrated by their hodge-podge of clothing and armor. And Hunter actually smiles! Repeatedly! Too bad time is running out on their little idyll.
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Maybe I should just watch Rebels and Clone Wars.

I can recommend both, although I haven't watched all of Clone Wars yet; the show tends to skip around between different ancillary characters and plotlines, and so sometimes you have to get on Wookieepedia to see when your favorite character(s) will show up next. Rebels follows one group and is generally tighter.

do Dooku and Grievous and Maul make any more sense

They all get a lot more play in Clone Wars (and one of them in Rebels, although I won't spoil which), Dooku and Maul more so than Grievous. There are major subplots involving Dooku's own apprentices/henchpeople, Asajj Ventress (probably my favorite TCW character) and Savage Opress (yes, there is a character literally named that).
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Official list of Clone Wars episodes *in chronological order*. We began a rewatch last week and so far I like the show a LOT more in chronological order.
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First, do as CheeseofBrazil suggests, watch it in Chronological order. It's a lot more satisfying, though the out of order time episodes happen mainly in the first season or two with the issue dissipating the further you go into the series.

Second, Clone Wars and Rebels are some of the best Star Wars, so they're both worth watching and you'll appreciate Rebels a little more if you watch Clone Wars. That said, Rebels is probably a must watch before Ahsoka later this year (or whenever it's coming out). Clone Wars does a lot of heavy lifting, not just for Anakin's transition from AOTC (Attack of the Clones) to the Jedi who falls in Revenge of the Sith, but also for Lucas' story about the fall of the Republic and thoughts on war and society.

Maul gets a lot of screen time in both Clone Wars and Rebels, as does Dooku. You might even sneak in "Tales of the Jedi" episodes concerning Dooku before you watch Clone Wars (but save the Ahsoka episodes for after the first five or so seasons of Clone Wars).

Anyways...Bad Batch is back in form, though I still struggle with Omega's character. It was also Wanda Sykes voicing the character who dropped off the tip about the treasure. I suppose I'll leave a bigger thought in the second episode, versus here.
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