12 Monkeys: Cassandra Complex
January 31, 2015 5:02 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Cole's search for the location of the virus leads him to 2014, and to a devastating moment in Dr. Railly's life involving a dangerous outbreak in Haiti.
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This was an ok episode. Which is odd considering how many plot points were touched on in it. Cassandra falling into bed with Henri, the Haitian virologist she had just met, was a bit odd to me.

Are we to assume Cole shoots Henri to make sure he isn't captured by the Palid Man and his people? Henri seemed to accept that fate just fine, though.

I was really hoping the Scavs would stay more of a background detail just to paint a good picture of the future. But, based on this episode, it looks like they are going to become an active and large part of the story, and a threat to the facility/mission itself. I'll see how it pans out, I guess.
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Are we to assume Cole shoots Henri to make sure he isn't captured by the Palid Man and his people?

That's what I assumed.
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To me, what felt off about this episode, and began feeling off last episode, is that unlike the first, the time jumps aren't being given the proper gravitas. I mean that the audience isn't going back with Cole and experiencing it in the same way, and it's lesser for it. It was one thing to accept in the second ep that the doctor is convinced and is even a little in love with Cole, it's another to open this episode like they are partners in some time travelling X Files. For the show to settle into this routine so early is bad news to me. They could have played out a bit more mystery, and taken longer to convince the doctor that Cole is right. They could have drawn out the scar on the Palid man's cheek a bit longer, too.

I want this to be a bit more clever than it's being, but they have the rest of the season to surprise me, and I hope they do.
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