Star Wars: The Bad Batch: The Clone Conspiracy
February 8, 2023 4:25 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

A conspiracy begins to unravel.
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Senator Pamlo (seen here speaking against military recruitment in the senate alongside Bail Organa) was one of the politicians working with the rebels in Rogue One.

I enjoyed this - expanding on how the Empire transitioned from Clones to Stormtroopers is interesting. The focus on Senate politics and conspiracies made this feel a lot like one of the Clone Wars episodes (and a bit like the Book of Boba Fett episode that was just about Mando).
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Assassin clone's armor reminded me of Ant-Man. Where did that guy come from?
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I also liked this, because they didn't seem to think it necessary to include any of the Beebs at all; not even Crosshair. (Speaking of whom, WRT the question that orrnyereg asks, isn't it interesting who that guy isn't.) And we also get a sense of the plot function of The Galaxy's Most Boring Admiral.
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I assumed (okay: hoped) from the first scene that the Mystery Sniper was some new guy just from the shooting. Which was not impressive. I kept waiting for the sniper to at least hit something important/explosive on one of the speeders, but no.

I wonder if the Believers are other clones who've had their chips enhanced, the way Crosshair did in early Season 1?
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Did the voice actor for Organa change? Because I don't remember Bail Organa having this accent before.
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This definitely felt like a Clone Wars episode and honestly, that's a good thing. It made me wish this show was much more like it's predecessor in that it hopped around more from different characters, different themes, and so on. Granted, I suppose this season is doing a much better job of it than the first. Phil Lamar, who previously voiced Bail Organa, also did so in this episode, too.

Mas Amedda out there being the middle manager growling about results because his boss isn't happy. Heh.

I am happy the show is taking this path because the transition from Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper (again - no one questions the naming process for Imperial military projects), is definitely one of those "how did it happen?" You go from millions of Clone Troopers to a force composed of non-clones. BTW, if you're looking for a great story on how someone can shift from being an individual who joins the Imperial army and ends up a number, instead of a name, check out Star Wars: Battlefront - Twilight Company. Though named after a game, it's one of the best written Star Wars novels in the last 9 or so years, by Alexander Freed. If you like or want a more in the trenches perspective of Star Wars, this is it, and one of the stories in the book focuses on a woman who joins the Empire to simply support her family and slowly falls under the control of the programming of the machine.

And after an unexplained delay, the folks at have added episode guides for the show! Here's the trivia info provided for this episode:

-The bar "79's" was first introduced as a clone trooper bar in season six of the Clone Wars.

-The design of the Imperial Senate was updated from its Clone Wars appearance to resemble more the design in Andor.

-As noted above, this showed the return of Senator Pamlo, and was voiced by the same actress, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, from Rogue One.

-Despite the Clone Wars, both the Banking Clan and the Commerce Guild, former separatist entities, maintain positions in the Imperial Senate.

-Senator Riyo Chuchi, from Pantora, was first introduced in season one of Clone Wars.

-Rex takes Senator Chuchi to the garage belonging to the Martez sisters, whom have been working with Rex since Season 1 of the show. The Martez sisters were introduced in the last season of the Clone Wars, when Ahsoka Tano left the Jedi Order and ended up working with them briefly before the Siege of Mandalore.

-This was the first time Bail Organa has been featured in The Bad Batch.
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