Shrinking: Potatoes
February 10, 2023 6:24 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

"Work was a shit show today too. I got one patient avoiding me, I got one who won't open up to me, I got one who made out with me, I know you're not a mental health specialist, Liz, but that ain't good!" Jimmy finds out Alice lost her virginity to the neighbor's kid and does not react like a cool dad. Paul can't tell his kid he's got an illness. Ladies talk about dirty sex stuff. AV Club review.

Never thought I'd see Harrison Ford doing carpool karaoke, complete with hand gestures, but there you are.

"Did your mom ever tell you that if things are taking too long, you can end it with a finger in the butt?" (Me: WELL GOOD LORD, I NEVER HEARD THAT ONE DURING A SEX TALK. Also I'm pretty sure a dude would have freaked...Though this now perhaps explains "Don't put your finger there! Put your finger there!" from Avenue Q ....)

Paul on dating:
"What happened to that art history professor? She sounded nice."
"She wanted me to go to Burning Man."

At the neighbor's.
"What's the new dog's name?" "It's Shit Rat."

"Jumping. Jumping. Fuck you. Jumping."

"No, it's not like meditating. It's like rocks." (Also, it takes TWO MONTHS to tumble a rock?!"

Both Jimmy and Liz wants to be the cool parents.

"I love Derek, but he's going to retire soon, and I can only love him for like, an hour and 45 minutes a day."

"You wanna get fucking drunk?" "Very badly."

"My mom found so many rainbow colored sprinkles in my panties, she thought I was banging a leprechaun."

"Teenage girls be fucking!" "They fuck!"
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Harrison Ford dad-dancing in the car.

"I always wanted to help out a middle-aged guy"

"Your self-awareness is your best characteristic" (ZIIIINGGGG!!)

"I'm Kevin, aren't I"

...but the moment that made me choke up was Harroson Ford watching his daughter leave his office. He is stealing the show, totally and without question.
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The conflict between Jimmy/Gabby and Liz felt very contrived and I'm glad it ended quickly in a big blow up followed by a chill hang.

The nature of the show seems to involve putting characters in mild conflict followed by some kind of cathartic chat and gain of shared understanding which is honestly fine by me.
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Oh, to have Harrison Ford glower and repressively tell me, "your self-awareness is your best characteristic," or respond to my clumsy compliments with a sarcastic, "I'm so relieved you think so."

The first episode established Gaby's taste in music and it's the same stuff Harrison Ford wanted to listen to, whatever.

Don't know Liz's husband's name, but I love him so much.
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I think the next dog line was "Who's a cute widdle Shit Rat yeeeah" which was fun.
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Don't know Liz's husband's name, but I love him so much.

"The wink made it weird."
"You got good eyes, Jimmy."
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