Not Dead Yet: Pilot
February 10, 2023 6:26 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Nell tries to restart her life in a new area with a new job writing obituaries at the local paper and a new roommate; Nell receives life advice from an unlikely source.

TV Line - Grade Gina Rodriguez's Ghostly New ABC Comedy

Decider Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Not Dead Yet’ On ABC, Where Gina Rodriguez Is An Obituary Writer Who Sees The Dead People She Writes About -- "There is nothing more frustrating than a show — especially a sitcom — that has some of your favorite actors in front of the camera, producers and writers with good credits behind the camera and premise that sounds like it has a lot of story possibilities, lays a big fat egg during its pilot. A new ABC series starring Gina Rodriguez is one of those shows. Does it get better after the pilot?"
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I didn't bother watching the 2nd episode that aired same night as the pilot, so I don't expect I'll be watching the rest of the season.

It was interesting watching this pilot after having binged all of Extraordinary though. Ostensibly, Nell of 'Not Dead Yet' is less of a jerk than Jen of 'Extraordinary'. But I found myself disliking Nell more. Like, it's silly to criticize the main character of a show for having 'Main Character Syndrome', but, there was something irksome about how it seems like everyone is there to facilitate her character growth.
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fair. I'm hoping it finds it's legs. i can already see, Rodriguez is not a one-trick-pony.

to me, the only eyerolling flaw was the lame carrie-esque author-voiceover-while-writing. man, i hope the writers drop that tired expository technique.
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It's a bit simplistic, but cute enough that I'll keep watching for at least a bit longer. I like Gina Rodriguez; she deserves a well-written show.
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Having watched the first two episodes, I'll give it a go, mostly because I can do with all the comedy I can get, and it's still slightly amusing. Not a huge fan of the big boss lady, who seems to be written just to be mean to everyone. I hope the main character ends up collecting a whole bunch of quirky friends of the deceased.

With some squinting I think this could end up similar in appeal to Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.
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I didn't love this, but I do love Gina Rodriguez, Hannah Simone, and Lauren Ash, so I'm continuing on. The pilot seemed chock full of every attempt at clever sitcom tropes and I probably wouldn't have watched any more if I didn't love the cast.

No specifics since this is technically just a post for the first episode, but it gets MUCH stronger over the next few episodes. I will say it's nice living in a fantasy world where newspapers are hiring on staff.
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