Super 8 (2011)
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Wow, I came in to say pretty much exactly what the first paragraph below the cut said! It would have been a wonderful film if it had simply remained a movie about kids making movies.

I did get a huge wave of nostalgia when the kid pulled out an issue of Super 8 Filmmaker magazine. That was the first magazine I ever subscribed to.
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It’s been a while since I watched this movie, but I remember thinking the movie really swung and missed when it tried to make us joyful that the alien had completed its ship and was on its way home when we had just been in its cavern full of half-eaten people hanging like salami in a deli.
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I have not seen it since it came out but I recall it as being pretty much a pastiche of a movie Spielberg might have made in 1979. I spent much of the run time working out who the cast would have been at the time. My only recollection twelve years on is that the small-town deputy nominal lead played by Kyle Chandler might have been Bruce Dern, if you were going for the slightly offbeat casting that Spielberg went for before being a name brand.
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The kids' rehearsal scene on the train platform got one of the most heartfelt laughs I've ever heard at the movies. No one saw it coming, and everyone had a moment of joy.

Recently rewatched with my stepdaughter, age 15, who had never seen it, and she loved it.

The second half of the movie does have any number of issues, though, in my opinion. A fair comparison, in terms of "super-engaging, promising opener, followed by frenetic, unsatisfying final act": Wall-e?
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