My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres (2019)
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A live audience at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, Torres displays his favorite shapes on a custom-made industrial conveyor belt used as a runway for the various items.
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One of many recommended in the question I asked 😊
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I loved this. It was so funny and also even touching, but mostly just funny. I went into it thinking it was a series and then when it kept going on I realized it was just a one-off, which makes sense since I don't know how he'd continue the schtick for several "episodes."
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I had no idea who Julio Torres was at the time I watched this (have since rectified) and i laughed so hard I choked and had to run into the kitchen and gulp water. My friends complain I almost never laugh out loud at things they’re doubled over about, and I wished I could have shown them my reaction. This was just genius and not only hilarious but warm and weird and quietly affirming. I was dying to show it to my friend and when I started to talk she burst out with the title—it turned out we’d both been adoring it and assuming no one else we knew would appreciate it.
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Los Espookys introduced me to Julio Torres, who I hadn't realized was the author of some very funny SNL bits when he was a writer there. I enjoyed this special quite a lot.
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