Death Panel - Organizing and Covid-19 (parts 1 and 2)
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In this two-part series, we speak to a few people engaged in organizing and political education projects about their experiences trying to incorporate covid protections into their existing organizing work, wins and losses they've encountered, and why it's so important for the left to take covid seriously, even as the public health emergency comes to a close. In Part 1, we speak with Alex (beginning at 03:30), a student organizer at a university in the northeast US, and Reina Sultan (beginning at 54:30), a co-creator of 8 to Abolition. In Part 2, we speak with Becca (beginning at 02:30), Raia Small (beginning at 32:00), and Kelly Hayes (1:01:20). Part 1, part 2 (soundcloud links).

The Death Panel is a twice weekly podcast about the political economy of health co-hosted by Beatrice Adler-Bolton, Artie Vierkant, Phil Rocco, Jules Gill-Peterson and Abby Cartus.

I tried to get this added as a standard podcast but can't find an RSS feed; if a mod sees this and can help, thank you!
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Thank you, curious nu.
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I forgot to do my own thing! I really.. uh.. "enjoy" isn't the right word; I get a lot out of Death Panel. Makes me feel less-crazy about gov't messaging/protocols (and, especially, lack thereof). I'm also in a union and struggle with COVID issues within that union. I found these two eps useful for me for some talking points and strategies to use going forward, both for COVID and also generally for disability rights/inclusion.
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