Misfits: Episode Four
March 6, 2023 6:59 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Curtis is confronted by his ex-girlfriend, who went to prison for the same drug incident that got him banned from the Olympics. Trying to make things right for her, and himself, Curtis finds that changing the past had unintended ripple effects.

Starring Iwan Rheon, Robert Sheehan, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Antonia Thomas.

Created by Howard Overman.

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This is probably the best episode in the first season, for me.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 7:23 AM on March 6

It was brilliant. Curtis' realization that his fixing things for himself and Sam will result in the death of the rest of the ASBO crew (I'm not sure if they all have ASBOs, but it's a handy shorthand) and his decision to make sure that he still takes the fall, but not her, make him the most heroic of the crew so far. I also enjoyed seeing the bits about the rest of the crew before they began their community service; Nathan really did get pinched for stealing pick-a-mix, although it was really his anger at his dad and just general self-destructiveness. (Maybe "enjoying" isn't the right word for seeing Simon peek up Kelly's skirt when she's passed out, though; your earlier comment about "What if the X-Men were shitty people?" seems to apply mostly to him. I'm repeatedly whipsawed between feeling some sympathy for his neurodiversity and isolation, and creeped out by his acting out his voyeuristic impulses.)
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It was hilarious and awful at the same time watching that poor guy from the bowling alley give Nathan something like 18 chances to get out of trouble, but Nathan just couldn't stop himself from escalating.
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Really, they all kind of sucked at first. I think in a way, the show is about the transition people often go through from being kind of a shit person in their twenties (honestly, I was trash) to being a semi-worthwhile adult. The powers just put an odd lens on that kind of second adolescence.
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Interesting bit of trivia: Simon was supposed to do a heel turn at the end of the season and die. Only they decided they liked the character and Rheon so midseason they decided to keep him on. I think that him peeking up Kelly's skirt might have still been part of the setup to have him do a heel turn.
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The stalking and footrace scene was really well done.

Beverly is a gender-neutral given name of English origin.

Everyone has their foibles, but Nathan is simply disrespectful and deserves no respect back. He's an active antagonist.

"Prick." For sure.

Great episode, and I like the setup from the first time Curtis (Donovan) learned of his power. But not the decision that I would have made in my own history.

That everyone was all there that same night must indicate something. Also Curtis' power extending to before the event, or some aspect of the event was already going on that night.

Clothes seem to block Alisha's power, I wonder when they'll discover body condoms?
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This was the episode that convinced me to keep watching despite Nathan still being the biggest ass.
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