Night Court: Two Peas On A Pod
March 8, 2023 11:26 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Abby tries to get the court featured on a popular podcast, but the host only has eyes for Dan, who soon learns that being the center of attention can have its downsides.

Hear that, guys? We’re gonna get brushed and picked.

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After being revealed as Abracadabra Stone last week, Abby's "Abigail Stone" nameplate is missing from her bench. She has a new one that just reads "Abby Stone".

From Reddit: "During the metal detector scene where the audio guy was following Abby with his boom mic, the real production boom mic popped in momentarily at the top of the scene."

That's Stephanie Weir of MAD TV as Remecca, podcaster and former shock jock. has a breakdown of where else you may know her from. She struck that perfect tone of podcasting know-nothing-know-it-all that's become the stereotype.

Dan running for city council and losing to a dead man is one of the running storylines from the original series, but the Meg Ryan metal detector was invented for this episode. Bribing people to vote is definitely something the Dan Fielding of the 1980s would definitely have done.

Now that we’ve achieved all our dreams, only Death awaits.
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Stephnie-without-an-A Weir, who is an absolute first-ballot Weirdo Guest Star Hall of Famer.

Somehow, this particular "Hey, remember this one thing from the original series?" didn't roll my eyes as much as the last few have. I'd still like for them to maybe go one entire episode without it.
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I suspect the writers' room was told to amp up the connections to trade on the nostalgia many folks (self included) feel for the old series. I understand the impulse -- keeping a series going is hard, you take any advantage you think you have.

I don't mind it, though I recognize when it's happening only because it's always Dan telling an outlandish story, not because I actually remember the old-series episode in question. (Full DVD/Blu-Ray of original series when? Take my money, NBC!) But I also think these first several episodes are strong enough that they don't need it as much as the execs apparently thought they would.

I love Abby and Gurgs rallying to try to save Dan from the evil Remecca. As a certified loudmouth, I love Dan's mouth running away with him, coupled with his realization how much trouble he'd gotten himself into. The gag with the metal detector was great (hell YES those things are scary). Olivia+Neil was meh for me; I thought de Beaufort handled it well, but I wish the writers would find a better hat for Neil than "generally bad at humanning."

And thank you for the nameplate tea, Servo5678, I completely missed that!
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Take my money, NBC!

The original series is available on google play. Don't know at what quality they're encoded at. I bought the X-Files (again) on play for a rewatch.
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Did the original show have such a focus on food? I'm loving it.

I've seen white brats/ hotdogs, I'm going to have to try them.
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Looks like the 1984 Night Court series is streaming on FreeVee, Amazon Prime with ads. Glancing around, it looks like there are DVDs for all nine seasons.
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Looks like the 1984 Night Court series is streaming on FreeVee, Amazon Prime with ads. Glancing around, it looks like there are DVDs for all nine seasons.

Yeah, I did the whole 9 seasons last year. It was great. Burned the theme song into my brain all over again. Glorious. Even FreeVee's habit of dropping commercials into not-commercial-breaks wasn't too bad. At the time the new show wasn't on the radar, so it's nice having everything fresh in my mind.

Then I did The Partridge Family, currently rewatching Lost in Space.
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