Perry Mason: Chapter 10
March 13, 2023 7:01 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

While the DA focuses on two brothers from Hooverville as their prime suspects, a discovery pushes Perry closer to the case.
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I watched the "inside the episode" bit afterwards on HBO Max and realized... I think 99% of things I've ever seen Matthew Rhys in, he's been playing an American, so hearing his natural accent sounded so wrong!
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I've ever seen Matthew Rhys in, he's been playing an American, so hearing his natural accent sounded so wrong!

"Why is Philip Welsh‽"
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I know! Chris Chalk, alone of the big 3, has (roughly) the same resting accent as the character he plays.

My favorite scene in this episode was Perry, Della, and Paul facing off about whether Trust could even be possible. Other kinds of scenes, e.g., Perry alone with the scene-of-the-crime car don't mesmerize me the way that watching these people interact does. Hope that guy who wants to train the Serbian wrestlers gets some more time on screen. Also, Della and Anita at the fight was fun and the Gallardos are awesome.

Ugh. Kudos to the show for getting me to watch Shea Wigham without wanting to strangle his character. Didn't really like him but ... at least my blood pressure didn't spike.
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I keep trying to hate (or at least not love) Ham and it’s just not working.
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With Goldstein getting squeezed out, it looks like the expanding Sunny Gryce empire (encouraged by Mason to pay for the Gallardo défense) will get tangled up in the casino boat wars. I get the feeling that every story thread is going to get tied together by the end.
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I commented on this in the last episode thread, but it doesn't really seem like "six months" since the Dodson case is really enough for everything that happened between seasons.

Besides that, though, this seems like an improvement on the first (and, like the first, watching the first two episodes back-to-back is a better introduction than just the first on its own). Please give the costume and set designers all the awards.
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