Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Tipping Point
March 22, 2023 6:03 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

New information takes our heroes on a dangerous mission.
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The opening sequence with the rescue of the clones from the prison ship was great. Reminded me of some of the better episodes of Rebels with the cruisers and corvettes.

There are way more people on that landing field on the island than I would be comfortable with, but the boys let Omega land as people are walking around and in danger of being crushed under landing gear! Maybe it's nothing a little bacta tank treatment wouldn't fix.
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Crosshair's failed escape is an unusual narrative choice, and to me suggests he's never leaving Wayland alive.

Otherwise, the main surprise was the galactic clone underground, which I am 100% here for.
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The animators took the time to give Crosshair the most expressive face out of all the characters, and his face-acting in this episode is superb. That last scene where he glares at the doctor, then settles himself in for more torture, was amazing. I disliked Crosshair from the moment I saw him but this really won me over and now I'm rooting for him to make it.
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I love the inclusion of the various rebellious clones - whether settling down in a nice town, joining a proto-Rebel cell, or acting as spies - especially after just finishing the A More Civilized Age bonus episode where they play a tabletop RPG as Rebels trying to recruit a secret colony of escaped clonetroopers.
"How did the Empire transition from clonetroopers to stormtroopers" and "what happened to the clones" are really interesting questions (to me at least) and I'm glad this show is covering it.

he's never leaving Wayland alive.

I missed the reference to Wayland! It was a planet where Thrawn was cloning Jedi in one of the first Legends EU books. Very apt to reuse it as a secret clone lab.
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Crosshair, who in season one was initially "that annoying Clint Eastwood clone who sided with the baddies," now is the character I look forward to the most on the show. His escape while half-doped up was pretty great and the fact he stunned the female clone scientist unlike everyone else has to be a factor going forward. I felt there were some shots of her in the episode that indicated a certain level of empathy toward Crosshair. She is totally going to help the Batch rescue Crosshair or something. I'm mixed on Crosshair not making out alive, but it wouldn't a stretch for this writing team to knock someone off in this capacity in a season finale.

LFL Animation really does sit down and think about little things, which is why I appreciate their work so much. The landing pad was busy, but also, they had people running for their lives to avoid being hit. It touched me. The almost mashing.

I did not expect the esteemed Senator from Pantora to reappear, that was a nice surprise, and it was also a surprise that Rex's clone underground was still working...underground on Coruscant. We're almost two decades away, but at some point, the underground will dissolve (mission accomplished or not) and Rex and some of his fellow clones will end up living in a walking trailer on a salt flat planet in the middle of nowhere. Ahsoka will also know of this location. Which is to say, I am willing to bet at some point, we're going to see Ahsoka pop up in connection to the clones - though it depends on how many seasons this show is going to have. Resistance had two. Rebels had four. I'd wager Bad Batch will end up with three or four. Ahsoka is quickly becoming a unifying force in the Star Wars Lucas/Filoni-verse, though.
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I'm betting that Crosshair will get out; he'll just have to figure out something that doesn't involve shooting his way out, maybe still using his phenomenal talents for precision and timing.
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FYI, good friends and viewing colleagues, tomorrow is the two part season finale which means a lot of poop is going to hit the fan. Be wary of spoilers!
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