Quantum Leap (2022): Timey-wimey at last!
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This is to discuss the season arc for the new Quantum Leap - despite early doubts, it's turning out to be a valuable addition to the reboot.

I was originally into the show for nostalgia's sake as "comfort food", but then got impressed by the diverse casting and diverse stories. The icing on the cake was the time-travel season arc, which as an old Dr Who fan I loved, but now we see where the show was going with that...not just a time war with the future, but maybe even a time war with their future selves, and I am sooo here for that.
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Thanks for posting. We have been immensely enjoying this show, and I was dismayed to see that the comments here on the early episodes were overwhelmingly negative. This version of the show is different from Scott Bakula's version. But I've been invested in the whole team and the background shenanigans from the start. Not every week's leap is equally engaging, but I feel like they really cracked the formula of how to make a weekly show in the age of bingeing. The whole Leaper X/Ian from the future/evil Ziggy plot is a fun twist, but the whole thing is lightweight enough and so soaked in suspension of disbelief that I'm not worried "can they pay it off?" I'm just interested in where they go.

They really nailed the tone of fun and adventure (even romance!) with serious undertones, while being self-aware enough to avoid the sort of "afterschool special" morals that the original sometimes fell into (or when it does so, it does it with a wink). I think having the team back at home helps immensely in that regard.
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The post-leap teaser at the end when he finally seems to have gotten to his destination made for a much more impactful cliffhanger than earlier episodes would have led me to believe; they really ramped up the characterisation over the season from some pretty 2 dimensional stereotypes.
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This show has been working for me. I really like the characters, I find the plot arc interesting, I've been enjoying the mystery-of-the-week aspects. I'm glad it got renewed for a season two.
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So, cliffhanger-adjacent. Probably due to them hoping for a second season (which is apparently happening). I was kinda hoping that Sam came out of the accelerator with 'Oh Boy.'
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Yeah, I guess they couldn't be 100% sure of renewal when they wrote the final ep (which was probably early on, as they'd have to shoot that final cross-time fight with Martinez while they were filming the actual episodes that inspired it). I have hopes for some angsty time changes though - ie when Jenn almost broke down while guiding Ben through the complex, I wondered if this was a Jenn from a future where she got together with Ben.

Probably not, but it gave me a taste for it. An S2 with some major changes could be just what the Doctor ordered :)
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Really hoping that since season 1 proved they have respect for the material and pulled off a great thing on its own, maybe Scott Bakula will reconsider being involved with season 2. I get being skeptical about going back to the well, but I feels like this has only burnished the old show’s legacy.
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