Lackadaisy Cats (Pilot)
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This is a short film kickstarted from a webcomic about a gang of misfits running an undercover speakeasy in 1927 St. Louis sourcing more bootleg whisky. Their opposition is happy to stop them from doing so violently. Oh and they're all anthropomorphic cats.

Come for poems and explosions.

The premiere dropped earlier this week. I should probably have posted this while the timer was ticking down, but I didn't. I particularly like their work on sound, from hiring Sepiatonic and really nice voice actors to proper stereo foley. I also like their choice to keep it all hand drawn with sometimes intentionally added artifacts.
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Wait where did my link go?
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This is beautiful both visually and aurally. Agree that the voice actors nailed it. Also shout-out to Mordecai's body ear language, very well done.

I... do think too many characters were included for a half-hour show. The scene in Mitzi's bar felt like by-the-numbers character intros, and not of the most interesting characters, either. (Viktor is interesting. Zib is just... not, not in this. Comes off as an unnecessary Rocky clone.)

And Rocky's a freakin' terrible poet, but I'll forgive the length of that scene for the absolutely gorgeous art and animation in it.
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the beginning really drags, doesn't it? I can see it working in the comic but when you have to invest valuable set up time to a cat reciting wretched poetry about the river, that's the tone you establish, and then have to un-establish in the graveyard.
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My girlfriend (big fan of the web comic) and I watched this last night. Merus, we agreed completely - it *does* drag. The pacing is great for a webcomic, not so good for an animated presentation.

Was it intentional that there were numerous frames with guide pencil lines left in instead of being erased? It's particularly noticeable in the bar sequence.
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Yes, a deliberate choice.
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