I'm Not Gay A Musical (2023)
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[TRAILER] Misha (Hamilton's Sydney James Harcourt), always wanted to be a dancer, but childhood trauma pushed him the other direction, as he instead became the star of an underground MMA fighting club. Because of [plot reasons], he finds his dream home on Fire Island but will have to convince the neighbors he's gay for the owner to sell it to him. But is he actually gay? What is he repressing? And yes: it's a musical.

Also stars West Side Story's Yurel Echezarreta and Broadway veteran Alan Mingo Jr.

Written and directed by Scott L. Semer.

Currently available for digital rental via Apple, Google Play, and Amazon.
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I saw this on the Google Play store and became convinced there are people out there who don't know they have been waiting for this movie. It's not for me (boring hetero who mostly watches horror) but I can appreciate that it looks delightful in its way. I'm glad it exists, as it might make someone's day. Thus, I had to post it.
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Alan Mingo Jr is also delightful in Doom Patrol.
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