The Tobolowsky Files: The Tobolowsky Files Ep. 68 – Circle of Causation
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The only difference between mystery and certainty is that everyone loves a good mystery. Seriously, this one is pretty dang impressive and should get a listen, folks.

This is a real wowza of a podcast. It features the untold story of how Stephen broke his neck in Iceland. This event was previously mentioned in episode 28, The Afflictions of Love.

Here's a general rundown:
(a) Stephen's stints on Law and Order. He is really into that show, just so you know.
(b) Stephen's FBI agent friend claims that catching bad guys is pretty easy. There are usually only three motives-- money, sex, and revenge. People think they're being deceptive when they cover their tracks, but they can't cover their motives. How would someone make money off of this? How would they hide it? And after a few hours to a few days....
(c) Circles of causation and how they work.
(d) The circle of causation that led to his accident in Iceland. Ironically, he was riding a difficult horse because the nice horse he'd been on earlier ALREADY saved his life once.
(e) Upon discontinuing phone sessions with his therapist, she told him she'd had a whopping psychic insight that he should NOT go to Iceland. WHOA.
(f) He and Anne renewing their vows after nearly being at the brink of ending their marriage.
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Tobo is just the best. Seriously, seriously good at what he does.
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Yes, this is seriously good. And I'm so happy they're keeping this up. There was a period around 2013 where first there was a long while between episodes and then suddenly nothing for almost a year. And they have the full archives up again (except the very first episode), so you can tell people to start listening from the beginning!
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