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In a toxic dystopian future, a highly regulated community lives and works in a giant underground silo, forbidden from ever visiting the surface.
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This series is next on my To-Watch list. The reviews look good, hopefully I can start it this week.
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I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes!
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I had a hunch about going outside to clean, and a brief spoiler search proved me right. I'm interested to see how it all plays out and what everyone ends up learning. Nice to see Rashida Jones!
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Been a fan of the books for a while now, and although I imagined a more Dickensian silo, darker with IT being cyberpunk, I really enjoyed the first two episodes and had a visceral reaction to the cleaning.
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There’s another thread if you want to talk about the books, this is the show only thread for people who haven’t read them and have no idea where this will go!
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Like the arrow in the fedex logo, my brain locked on to the question “why aren’t there elevators” and now everything else has fallen away.
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In the Fallout universe the explanation would be "Vault-Tec couldn't be bothered" or "Vault-Tec wanted to find out what happens if you don't have elevators."
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that said, even if you don't have elevators built into the vault, surely someone would have eventually worked out how to lower cargo on ropes
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i suppose no elevators = crowd control -- a kind of hostile architecture.
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BungaDunga: I watched the first two episodes without any knowledge of the books or any background info at all. And I kept expecting to see stuff getting raised/lowered by ropes or chains and pulleys. I was actually thrown off by the "having to use the stairs" thing as it didn't make any sense to me. But I'm guessing the Silo is not what it seems to be and that perhaps the lack of a lifting/lowering system is part of the psychological mysteriousness of the plot.

It has to be. Right? Because otherwise, these are some very, very dim people living for generations and hundreds of years in that Silo.
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I felt like Episode 2 was much better, mostly because of Rebecca Ferguson but also because there was more plot and less world-building.
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Episode 3: the steam has NEVER been shut off. And there's a single lever that shuts it off, and all you have to do is pull it about eight inches. But it's never been shut off before. Ever. In hundreds of years. Maybe more?

This Silo better turn out to be a Twilight Zone, Westworld, psychological-trick kind of thing, because the nuts and bolts of existence there make no sense at all.
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I'm enjoying this, but I'm kind of hoping some enterprising YouTuber might re-edit it down to 15 minute episodes.

Episode three was a full hour and really not a lot happened in it.
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Ep 3 was TENSE even if we all knew they'd succeed. And that flicker on the screen as aux power kicked in ...
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At 36m5s when the power goes off there's a very clear moment when the screen in the cafeteria shows the green and pleasant outdoors before going blank... and no one comments on that at any point. Not even a hint of that being something people noticed.
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simonw - one person noticed - a young woman. she looked freaked out and was featured again at the end of the show looking deeply troubled.
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also - it seems pretty clear that the Silo structure is a metaphor for Capitalism, the levels representing social and cultural status.

"up top" are the wealthy and powerful. they control the advanced tech. down below are the laborers. works about as realistically as the system in US - there's a greener, brighter way, but we are locked into doing things based on an Industrial revolution that no longer makes sense.

everything could shut down with one drastic failure, plunging us into another Dark Age. but we have forgotten to learn from the Before Times.

i'm OK with it the nuts and bolts of existence not making sense. in the show, that is.
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it seems pretty clear that the Silo structure is a metaphor for Capitalism

And not a subtle one! Definite Snowpiercer vibes in this regard.
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It doesn't seem like they're particularly leaning into the idea of inequality in the Silo. Have we seen any evidence that the people down below are actually deprived? There's obviously hierarchies of power in the silo but the show doesn't seem to be trying to make much of a statement about capitalism, at least compared to Snowpiercer.
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I thought that the young person who noticed the flicker on the screen was trying to work out if anyone else saw it too.
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Just kind of summarising my interests by the end of the third episode:
- the big question is why are these people living in a silo, and who wants or needs them to stay in there?
- two people have been murdered so far: was it by the same person/group, and for the same reasons? And why? These questions seem like pretty standard plot things but there's room to be surprised.
- why are there stairs but not elevators? The answer to this would seem to be a big clue to the big mystery. (Although someone on Reddit suggested that this group is a long-lost Fitbit cult and I love that)
- what did George find, and did Holsten hide something in that vent right in the very start of the first episode?
- what the camera shows in the cafeteria, and what is seen by people who go outside, are interesting but just a subsidiary part of the big question. Like I can't imagine a way to know it without knowing almost everything else about the silo first."
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One reason you might design the place without elevators is to actually make it seem bigger, and feel less like rats in a cage. If getting between floors is hard then it makes different parts of the silo feel like different places. Forcing the different levels of the silo to decouple a bit from each other might also have the benefit of encouraging diversity, which could produce a more flexible sort of society.
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there's a very clear moment when the screen in the cafeteria shows the green and pleasant outdoors before going blank... and no one comments on that at any point. Not even a hint of that being something people noticed.

Someone says "did anybody see that?" in the soundtrack of the crowd murmuring in reaction to the power going out. It's quiet and not in the subtitles but it was just clear enough that on first watch I was like "wait, I did see that didn't I?" Definitely there on a rewatch.

Here's a screenshot of the green view, for anyone curious to see it again. It's pretty hard to make out but I don't see Allison or Holston's bodies by the tree there in the green view, but they were there in the grey one. Huh.

I'm enjoying the show alright. Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette is great. I love how she's so abrasive and socially awkward, a woman who knows her competence in her work and does not have time to fuck around with placating people. I also enjoyed the brief romance on the dark stairs with Mayor Ruth and Deputy Marnes, RIP to a good character though.

Other aspects of the show feel pretty amateur hour to me, like a SyFy channel miniseries. Several of the actors' performances are falling flat. And scenes like the tension of the generator shutdown scene... They worked but only through the oldest and cheapest filmmaking technique, a pressure gauge needle is about as cliché as it gets. I also fear the show is borrowing a little too heavily on Lost (the mysteries) and Westworld (the piano ambient soundtrack). The sets don't feel lived in enough either, looked like many were built in a day or two rather than environments 10,000 people were in for centuries. It's all enjoyable enough TV but lacks the polish that made something like Severance so fantastic. IMnsHO.
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I feel like this is a C+ adaptation of what must have been an A level book. The underlying story is its strength. I do like the actors though.
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And scenes like the tension of the generator shutdown scene...

I'm an engineer and I'm specifically pretty familiar with steam turbines and this scene hurt all of my feelings*. But (deep breaths) I know it's just a a TV show.

Hey y'all, is there a name for that trope where we see a close up face of a static woman (or man) with blood (or grease in this case) on their face, shell shocked, while people are running around or fighting in soft focus in the background and some baroque-ish music plays?

* For the curious, you (perhaps obviously) can't just open up a running turbine or you let the pressure out. Also, there is a stationary course of blades between each of those courses you see. Also the blades are not attached to the shaft with velcro as shown in the show. Also we usually like to mount them horizontally.
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I'm just grateful they didn't have a scene of them having to start the generator before Cooper was clear and risking a shadow engineer purée.

Episode 4 was last night. I liked the depiction of early life in the Silo and the relationships between her, her father, and the engineering mentor down below. Not a lot of patience for drunk Marnes. Nor the very slow reveal of the Main Mystery, let's just get on with it!
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Hey y'all, is there a name for that trope where we see a close up face of a static woman (or man) with blood (or grease in this case) on their face, shell shocked, while people are running around or fighting in soft focus in the background and some baroque-ish music plays?

I think it's a variant on the Heroic Blue Screen of Death.
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Now we know what that funeral we saw in the trailer is all about. Wonder what the apples symbolize, other than being in an orchard?

It still feels like pieces are sliding into place, with motivations and and consequences slowly being revealed.
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I think the apples were to seed the new trees in the orchard. Take a bite, plant a tree. Sort of dust to dust only more delicious.

The elevator truthers (Otisites?) will be glad to know that episode 5 tells us about there being no elevators. Well it tells us that lifts and magnification are Forbidden Technologies. Also apparently all of astronony is Forbidden Knowledge, or at least lost. No idea why yet.

Sadly that was maybe the best thing in episode 5. I feel like each episode is worse than the last. I'm in for the whole season I'm sure, but not loving it.
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I'm still enjoying it. My book-reader husband grills me after each episode to get my take on the big questions, and I disappoint him each week by saying "well that seems like something they'll eventually reveal, and I'm not in a rush to know everything right now". I'm enjoying the journey. But I think my patience comes from knowing a bunch of folks who've enjoyed the books and think the show is adapting it well. If they weren't satisfied then maybe I'd be more on the edge of my seat.
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I'm enjoying it, too! Sure, the episodes have been a bit uneven, but that hasn't taken away the fun of the mystery for me. I have so many questions - about elevators, magnification, whether knowledge was passed down openly pre-revolution, and most of all, who is really in charge? I'm starting to think that the people who think they are in charge are really not...
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I'm really coming to the strong realization that Common really can't act. Maybe part of it is the writing but his when most of the other actors are giving pretty naturalistic performances, his scenery chewing generic sci-fi villain really stands out like a sore thumb.
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With just two episodes left, unless they're going to rush thru things we'll end the season unresolved and on a cliff hanger. And with no Season 2 announced yet ... I'm enjoying it still, but it's a slow slow burn
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ActingTheGoat - that's hot off the press! good to know there will be a 2nd season.
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Episode eight, the picture becomes clearer ...and the rabbit is on the run
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Yeah E08 does at least move the plot along, almost too quickly compared to previous ones. Unfortunately it fully seals the deal on whether Common can act. No. OTOH I'd also conclude Tim Robbins can't act from this show, so maybe really the problem is the directing.

To speak to the good things.. still interested in the core story although it's clear they aren't going to be paying off most of the mysteries in this season. Glad to see some resolution with Jules and her father. I also really like Walker, the shut in in the down below. I assume that somehow either he and/or Kyle (the tasty stargazer) are going to come to Jules' rescue, far too much of this episode was about her asking them for help without (yet) receiving any.
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For anyone binge-watching this later: Episode 8 ends on a cliffhanger. Maybe time your breaks so you can go straight into Episode 9?

I snorted my wine into my nose when Sims says "I won't hold it against you" in tones of low menace. I'd wet myself in fear if someone in power said that to me like that. Common's not a great actor but he's putting in the work and I appreciate that.
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Yeah, I had to go take a look at the source bibliography to see if this was a series that was being written in real time like GoT because it feels like it's turning into an unanswerable mystery box - too few sympathetic characters remain, too few avenues of escape are available. I mean, I guess I could see the mechanical levels revolting against the mids and uppers, but that doesn't really answer the mysteries.
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If there's a revolt, the flame keepers would make an effort to solve those mysteries I reckon. Episode 9 has clued in a few more people to the lies they've been told, and more people aware of that means more opportunities to go further.

At the very least, I'm told that the books have a satisfying resolution. So if the tv show doesn't stick the landing we've got more than GoT or Lost ever did.
posted by harriet vane at 6:42 AM on June 24, 2023

Yeah, there were very subtle hints to something bigger in episode 9, and then the gigantic helmet cam recording reveal at the end. Like, what was that blinking 18 keychain about? It couldn't be just that Drive SN 18 was in use, or it would've been doin' the scarlet letter thing for a while now. And hearing that the door is there and the water isn't a problem gives me an idea of how this season could possibly end, although it gives shades of THX1138 or Logan's Run, y'know?

I mean, I can see them dragging this out for like 6 seasons and a movie, but yeah, knowing that the book is concluded helps me accept that the show is sometimes not making a lot of forward progress.

There was something in the 9th episode that felt like it conflicted with something we'd been told in an earlier episode that made it feel sort of episodic, but I can't remember it off the top of my head now.
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So having watched the season ender, I'm feeling satisfied. We've seen what's outside from an audience point of view, not mediated through a sensor or a helmet or a recorded video. And as far as I can tell five minutes after finishing, it all hangs together.

We also find out how Juliette has been evading Judiciary all this time, which is cool. She really does have nerves of steel. I was a bit surprised by George's arrest, but he probably made the right call.

Some guesses/assumptions from this ep:
- Sims has known about Billing's Syndrome for ages and was just waiting to use it as blackmail material.
- Bernard didn't know about George's door until Juliette mentioned it.
- Bernard has been in trouble with the bosses on the other end of his light-up 18 key chain for a little while now, but as soon as Juliette wandered off he was completely fucked.

And one question: if they're sending Star-boy off to the mines, and the bottom of the silo is in water, and there are other silos quite close to this one (judging by craters in the last shot)... then where the fuck are they mining?
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If any survivors come back from the mines, they would probably know. Did anyone mention knowing people had come back from the mines?
posted by fiercekitten at 8:11 AM on June 30, 2023

And one question: if they're sending Star-boy off to the mines, and the bottom of the silo is in water, and there are other silos quite close to this one (judging by craters in the last shot)... then where the fuck are they mining?

That was what got me -- the crater around the silo seemed awfully small (diameter-wise) compared to how big the interior silo shots look. The silos must all be crammed right up against each other.
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What a finale! In case anyone else was confused how Juliette survived longer outside than all the others, this Vulture recap cleared it up for me (archive link):

The higher-ups were so upset by Juliette stealing the tape because they didn’t want her or anyone else down in Mechanical to figure out what Walker has just figured out: The standard heat tape is shitty so that toxins are guaranteed to get into the hazmat suit of anyone sent to clean. It’s shitty so those people will die before ever reaching the top of the hill. Walker has Carla switch out the tape assigned to Juliette’s suit with her vastly superior tape, and it allows her to go beyond the Silo.
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Yeah, that felt like a CGI fuckup, frankly - if the silo footprint is entirely within the hillock that surrounds them, ok fine I can believe that they're uh let's say even a mile deep, 144 40' floors, they're certainly not 12' between floors, so eh let's be generous in our estimates. They keep saying 10,000 people in the silo and assuming that's evenly spread that's only like 70 people per floor which is honestly pretty open on an oh let's say 500' diameter silo? But then the farm levels seem like they'd be cramped for space, as well as whatever remaining in-silo industry they have. Or what, 140 years of fluorescent bulbs in warehouse levels? I guess maybe? I mean, the total area for the entire silo is on the order of 1 square mile if my back of the envelope calculations aren't wildly off? I could see 10,000 people living in that space, but farming and life support?

But yeah, for such a key point, the whole "mechanical's heat tape is better than the standard heat tape" was poorly telegraphed. And what did Holland run into the server room to do? Turn off the simulated viewpoint before it melted down the servers? I assume there was only a loop of holodeck for the cleaners to see, which wasn't usually a problem because the bad seals meant the usually died in a few minutes.

Still, a good ending, looking forward to next season.
posted by Kyol at 8:21 PM on June 30, 2023

I thought he ran to the server room to tell his bosses that someone had successfully left the silo, before they heard it from someone else. Or maybe to tell IT guys in other silos to turn off their cameras? Imagine if anyone in our silo had seen someone just walk up to the sensor and knock on the door, there'd be a riot :D

Of course, that's assuming that the other silos have the same secrecy as our one. If you've got a heap of them, you could experiment with different ways to control a captive population, so maybe some of them are fully informed about why they can't go out?
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It's crazy to have a bunch of Silos packed that close together, and I immediately wondered where all the excavated material went. But this is the show where a steam turbine was running constantly for 140 years, and just needed 30 mins of repairs to get back into perfect working order.

It's a pretty good season, but there's still so many questions unaddressed. Why do relationships have to be Sanctioned if everyone has birth control? Why don't the Sheriffs have guns? How does Judicial justify it's own goon squad with guns? Why is there an entire IT dept if everyone is stuck with DOS? What is The Syndrome? Why no elevators? Why no magnification? Why no wheels? They don't know about stars, do they even know about the sun and moon? Why are they so scared of things getting "out of control"? Do they only have domesticated livestock, or whole ark of animals? How many years has the Silo been running in total? Should I go ahead and read the books for the answers or wait for another season?
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Yes, read the books! I just started reading the books after watching the last episode and they are actually coherent and very good. I did like the show but too much of it didn’t make any sense and I don’t know that I liked it enough to have to rewatch when the second season comes out. LOVE the book though. I’m about 75% of the way through Wool and it all makes perfect sense.
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Seconding the recommendation to read the books. I read them when they were published and re-read the first book while watching the show and it was still great fun. Howey wrote them as a self-published serial so the narrative has this propulsive quality (very Dickens). He clearly planned out a lot but was also making some things up as he goes along. Not every detail of how the Silos work makes logical sense, the world-building isn't that tight. But it's satisfying and more than adequate for the story he's telling.

The book to buy is Wool Omnibus, which is the start of the stories and is a definitive collection of the early short publications. The first season of the TV show is more or less Parts 1-3 of the Wool Omnibus (with significant changes). The book has a parts 4 and 5 which presumably will be the second season of the show. Howey then went on to write two more books, Shift and Dust. I enjoyed those but they weren't quite as fresh as Silo.
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Ooh, Kottke described Silo as having ‘Station Eleven + Snowpiercer + Severance vibes’ which is pretty apt.
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Just finished plowing through this last night. I enjoyed it, but toward the end was worried this was going to turn into an "1899" viewing experience for me—a hatewatch. It didn't, quite, but it kept raising questions without resolution, and featured a lot of world-building that just didn't make sense. Like the generator: there's no good way to service it, there's no plan to service it, there's only one person in the room who happens to know the critical piece of information needed to take it offline (I'll kind of allow that for dramatic license, but still). The judge eating bacon for breakfast: there's no way they could raise livestock in the silo beyond, say, poultry. Maybe it's fakin' bacon.

There's a lot of stuff that's suggestive without having an answer. Maybe the prohibition on mechanized vertical transport is to ensure social division between tiers: keep people at odds with each other so they don't unite against the powers that be. Maybe the prohibition on microscopy is because they're putting stuff in the water to make people docile (which was suggested) or maybe there's a microfilm archive somewhere. But no answers. Seeing that there are a bunch of too-close adjacent silos raises even more questions. Do each of those silos have a similar power structure and pact? Are any of them even occupied?
posted by adamrice at 10:00 AM on August 6, 2023 [1 favorite]

Another thing that just didn't make sense: Bernard Holland and Robert Sims (I think of them as a team) seem to be the real power in the silo. Bernard in particular prefers to exercise power from the shadows; for both of them, their overriding concern is stability.

So why do they engineer multiple high-profile murders that are destabilizing? Why does Bernard create a situation that puts him in the mayor's office, where he pretends to be a reluctant and kind of bumbling mayor, while at the same time exercising the same power he did before?

Also: I'm guessing that Hard Drive #18 and Keychain #18 indicate that this is Silo #18.
posted by adamrice at 11:57 AM on August 6, 2023 [1 favorite]

I think that for Holland and Sims, the initial murder of the previous Mayor was a miscalculation. They didn't know she'd have the deputy in her office when the poison took effect.

We don't know that they were going to murder George. They probably had a quieter punishment in mind for him, like the mines or sedation as done with other characters. That seems to be their preferred method of dealing with trouble-makers. But he took that choice away from them, in a way that prompted the death of Sheriff Holsten and therefore Jules being put into that role. We spend a lot of the season thinking of his death as the catalyst for everything, but for Holland and Sims it's just Tuesday.

As for Mayor Jahns: the deputy sheriff thought that she'd been poisoned by mistake, but I don't think she was. They knew she was going to pick Jules and believed that would cause a lot of instability, especially after Holsten and his wife having gone Outside. They had no power to stop this, and she was elderly, so why not bump her off? They didn't know that she and the deputy were in love, so there would be a witness to her death. Without that, they could have successfully covered up her death, appointed Billings as a nice compliant sheriff they can blackmail, had Holland steady things along for a bit, then elected a nice compliant Mayor just like Jahns who'll stay in the job for decades.

But the deputy was there to see her foaming blood at the mouth. He started a noisy investigation, told everyone Jules was the new sheriff, then made an agreement with Jules. So he had to go before he made things worse. And everything after that was just trying to cover their tracks and put Jules back in her box.
posted by harriet vane at 5:32 AM on August 8, 2023 [2 favorites]

I guess I'm completely lost as to the relevance of the simulated greenery. Why project it into the helmets of the cleaners? Why have it at all, and why would it be taboo for the 'janitors' to see it towards the end, when they hack the displays? I'm sure all is revealed in Season 2...
posted by jquinby at 11:06 AM on August 10, 2023 [1 favorite]

My half-assed guess for the simulated greenery is that when people go outside to "clean," they have no incentive to actually clean the lens, but they're often going outside because they want to see the truth. If they see that the world is green, they'll be motivated to clean off the lens to show the folks inside what's really going on. Like, if you could just get the haze off, everyone would see green. But that's happened enough times that everyone going outside should have twigged to it by now.

Why shouldn't the "janitors" know that? Why did the cafeteria screen show a flash of the green world when it shut down? That's less clear. Perhaps the janitors seeing the green world will just raise more questions about what they're doing and the layers of deception by the folks in charge. I have no good explanation for the flash of green on the cafeteria screen.

I'm not sure why, once Juliette walked past the threshold of the simulation, Bernard was so desperate to turn off the simulation in her helmet.
posted by adamrice at 12:48 PM on August 10, 2023 [1 favorite]

My speculation is that he wasn't, he was actually rushing to tell the other silos to shut off their cameras in case Juliette shows up at their door. But I don't really know if he knows there are other silos or not. Like, he's smart and has a lot of control. But it's possible he's only slightly more informed than the rest of the 18th silo citizens.
posted by harriet vane at 6:06 AM on August 11, 2023

We went back to this after nearly forgetting it and wow, it really solidified and got better when Juliette became the sheriff/clear protagonist.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 1:43 PM on August 21, 2023

It bugs me so much that in the final shot it’s revealed that the silo has a diameter roughly the size of a kiddie pool.
posted by The corpse in the library at 6:18 AM on August 23, 2023

The book City of Ember does a lot of this better — they’re actually running out of lightbulbs, and people express normal human curiosity about things.
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so I liked this, and I look forward to season two. I think I'll check out the books meanwhile!

but youse are all like "why no elevator? why bacon?"

I'm like "how is it that Sims and Holland have these beautifully tailored brand-new looking tweed and leather jackets????" that's a mystery!
posted by supermedusa at 10:35 AM on October 24, 2023

Decades of suits in storage protected by thin coatings of cosmoline. Hot dip galvanizing was ineffective.
posted by Kyol at 12:21 PM on October 24, 2023

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