The Great: The Bullet or the Bear
May 12, 2023 8:50 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Catherine and Peter seek some marriage guidance after the chaotic events of the previous day left them in an awkward place in their relationship.
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My stupid crush on Peter is distracting but understandable because, well, Nicholas Hoult. The gradual realization of stupid crush on Archie, though, I'm finding unsettling.
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I appreciate this show's gleeful commitment to murdering characters the moment they become boring. That, and how everyone's default emotional state is indignation.
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It’s quite like Ted Lasso in a way, about change and love and forgiveness. A lot more murdery though. It’s thoroughly enjoyable, Fanning and Hoult are really delivering.
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I'm glad this first episode back spent some time going over what happened at the end of season two, not just with the recap but also dealing with the fallout - because I'd forgotten a lot since the last season was in 2021! (The gap between seasons of streaming series is getting ridiculous.)
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Yeah, between Sweet Tooth (692 days between seasons), Carnival Row (1267 days), Shadow and Bone (692 days again? neat coincidence), The Nevers (639 days), Warrior Nun (861 days), the 539 days since the second season of the Great seems almost recent!

Still, I spent most of the first two or three episodes of each of them going "oh RIGHT I'd forgotten about that plot thread!"
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the 539 days since the second season of the Great seems almost recent!

Try being a Venture Bros fan - seven seasons over twenty years, oof da
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Fourthing the recap of the previous season. Some things I definitely remembered, such as the beheading of the sultan, other things, which were even more significant, such as Catherine stabbing the look-a-like, I'd completely forgotten. Oof.

One thing that I immediately appreciate, at least so far as this season premiere goes, is that there is a strong sense of continuity. I don't feel like I'm picking up the third season premiere, so much as the next episode after the last. All the actors and their characters are right where we left them and it's comforting in a weird way.

My stupid crush on Peter is distracting but understandable because, well, Nicholas Hoult.

Good gawd, you can't help but love Peter because of how good Hoult is in the role. The character itself, at first so very much superficial in the beginning, ends up being one of the most layered characters in the show. I appreciated the repeated refrain, like a reassurance, that if he could be forgiven for having sex with Catherine's mother, she would forgive him for anything less.

I do regret how Orlov was handled. I was expecting for him, based on his behavior, to be sent away, maybe foment a rebellion or something, and return later in the season. Being plugged in the head by Catherine in a hunting accident was just...well then. It could've even been more of a hijink level thing with Orlov just periodically showing up to try and assassinate Peter and failing over and over throughout the season. I liked the character and will definitely miss him. He represented everything Catherine wanted to bring to Russia, so I suppose, either the show will bring someone else in of like mind or just let Catherine go on making her own speeches.

One of my favorite scenes was Velementov stating, "You're in a cabinet" and then ultimately closing the doors for her.

I'm definitely looking forward to things as we go through the final season, and curious (I know the answer is there, waiting) to see if there are any time skips or how they finish laying out Catherine's legacy as "the Great."
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