Queer Eye: Season Seven
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This time around, the Fab Five are in New Orleans. (And - the first episode involves a FRAT HOUSE.)
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I had some sort of awful food poisoning yesterday, and binging this season of Queer Eye got me through it. It’s cheesy, it’s over-the-top, it’s formulaic and painfully earnest, and it’s still so much fun even after seven seasons. The frat boy episode was the most impressive transformation pound for pound; Speedy, Mary, and Stephanie all made me cry. They even managed to pry emotional catharsis out of Deli Dan (I suspect mostly through leading questions, skillfully edited). Karamo continues to alternate between moments of genuine connection and moments of absolute cringe (that window-smashing, OMG); Antoni is redeemed only by his love for cute puppies; Tan is a national treasure; Bobby makes every house look like a really nice Target ad but I still really like him; and I am not qualified to say anything at all about the interstellar hallucination that is JVN. Five out of five stars from this very feverish viewer.
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I am not qualified to say anything at all about the interstellar hallucination that is JVN.

I laughed out loud during the next-to-last episode when Mary, the woman JVN was making over, drily said, "whatever you're on, I want some."
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We thought we'd found our lost cat, but it turned out not to be, so I ended up watching the rest of the episodes in one go instead of spacing them out and it was such a balm. I appreciate that there's a lot of off-screen time that we're not shown - there is no way they did not talk to Speedy about therapy, or to Mary's family at length about the reunion - but there's a lot of privacy. I noticed it with the frat boys because when they headed out it was bright and clear and they finished at dusk, so Karamo does a lot more out of sight.

Who knows what Antoni does besides cook one meal and play with puppies although the moments where he connected over family disapproval was sweet.

I want them to be like Leverage and have multiple crews working all over the world, but I think we're lucky to get just this one.
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Oh - and Michael Richard (the young man working in a community farming program) was giving me MAJOR Lenny Kravitz vibes with his new look.
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This show continues to be so pure. Yes, yes, I understand reality show manipulation, but it's just about good people deserving good things and having a magical team make them feel good about themselves and give them good things. I do love how much they try to meet the people where they are without shaming them.

I really liked Deli Dan. I also related to Jenni's journey even if there was differences (like, I don't want kids and I've never wanted kids).

Sometimes you just need some kindness. And also sometimes a cover for when you've been wanting to cry about other things in your life. Queer Eye is good for both.
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Farmer Michael is a precious baby and that was such a good glow up. He was great before but wow! It was definitely one of those cases where the "makeover" just made the person better.

This season was fun.
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I really didn’t know how much I needed this till I started watching last night. I’m only partway through but it’s like a soothing balm on my soul—I got diagnosed with an incurable type of cancer a few months ago (treatment, but no cure yet) and some nights I just rewatch the same stuff over and over because I can’t handle much new these days. Of course, at times I still cringe a bit at things (there’s NO way they didn’t know that marriage proposal was coming!), but it’s just so good-hearted and seeing everyone get their glow-up and how much the fab five get invested is healing my heart.
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Lots of hugs to you, kitten kaboodle. I know that's small solace, though.
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Wow, what a good season. It really was uplifting. If I had to pick a fave, maybe the first or last episode? But I don’t know — they were all good!
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It was cool how they brought back Wesley from a previous season as a mentor for Speedy. Apparently that’s a first for the show. Here’s a follow-up with Speedy.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this season, as usual.
De-carceration is such a powerful, empowering concept.
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