Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022)
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Valeria has long dreamed about becoming a mother. After learning that she's pregnant, she expects to feel happy, yet something's off.

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Shepherd and I watched this the other night and it is really really good. Some excellent scares, a sympathetic protagonist, absolutely infuriating patriarchy, and of course, rooted in Mexican folklore.

I want to say more about it but that is venturing into spoiler territory. I recommend it!
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I recommend it also. The main actor (can’t look up her name right now) is excellent. All the performances are good. I like that they showed her life choices as being valid without trashing people who make other choices. Hell, they even show that she seems to love her husband too, but her other life is more “her” in the end. It’s more of a psychological slice of life story versus a horror movie (though some horrific scenes are in it).
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...what I mean was, her husband was portrayed as a decent, good man. They could have taken a lazy route and made him a jerk (domineering and sexist), but it's a better film that they didn't. She genuinely seems to have loved him, too, just in a different path/way. The sister was kind of an unlikable character, but in a natural way that showed long-term sibling relation issues. Even her parents, while a bit overbearing, never felt like caricatures... they just liked their socially "acceptable" life choices which ultimately were not for the main character. I felt like I really lived with these characters for a couple hours.

Even the "witches" came across as symbolic witches, not genuinely supernatural. I think some of them—and the Aunt—might have been gay, or perhaps never wanted the socially "acceptable" path that they took and were looking after the main character, giving her spiritual strength and freedom, or at least helping the main character open up herself to that strength. And again: none of this was shown by making the socially "acceptable" route seem bad or less valid than where the main character ends up going. Sensitive and artful writing.

I really liked this movie. I wish it would get more exposure. It's gotten shoved into the Horror-Flick category and largely ignored.
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I absolutely agree. What makes it such a good movie is how both choices are valid. The writing is just so delicate and well balanced. When I read about the movie in Rue Morgue I definitely thought this was going to be far more conventional horror, so I was a bit surprised, but found it perfectly done.
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