The Great: Fun
May 26, 2023 9:24 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Catherine wants to bring more fun to the court, so she stages a festival of truth, jokes and stunningly clever ideas with Georgina's help. Katya puts on a play challenging Catherine's reign and Catherine samples Peter's salty desserts.
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Fanning, again, just steals the show with her abilities. Georgiana out there stirring shit up, and it seems, really to undermine Catherine. Was this her ultimate goal? And if so, what's the end game?

Maximus continues to be the most precocious fashion trend setting 12 year old or whatever of the Imperial court. I should hate seeing him pop up, but he keeps getting better and better.

However, the trauma of losing Peter manifesting into manic attempts to fight off the overwhelming grief she is suffering was an incredible running through line to the episode for Catherine. I did feel bad for the guards having to haul her bath through the palace, tho'. Catherine showing off her nudity, kind of reflecting, "I'll show you everything to avoid you actually seeing me, the person who's shattered inside."
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I am on board with the Maxim Appreciation Society. Maxim! He's great! He's growing up in an insane, toxic environment, but his only real motivations are shoes, playing toy soldiers with the patriarch, and protecting his wife. If he has to shoot a couple of people to make that happen, well, that's Maxim! He's the most relatable character on the show in that he's the only one not scheming for power or trying to fuck someone's spouse or mother. He's not cruel! He's not insane! He's got style! Maximesque. (It's also worth noting that the actor playing him, Henry Meredith, is an actual 12-year-old and is appears to be having an absolute blast.)

So yeah. If we get a season 4, it should just be All About Maxim. Elle Fanning can swan in from time to time to admire his shoes.
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Yeah, given how his character was introduced Maxim is kind of shockingly a catch as husbands go. He’s a terrible fit for Marial but man, if he and Georgina ever teamed up (a fair trade, given that Marial grabbed Grigor) the two of them would rule the school.
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You'd think I'd be sick of Trump references by now, but they still basically work.

Also I feel for Maxim, that is exactly how I would confidently stride to assassinate someone (run away without noticing I'd missed, and embellish heavily tales of my heroism in the retelling).

Fanning doing so much serious ACTING since Peter died! Katya is kind of an idiot, though.
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