Upcoming: What new media are you looking forward to in June 2023?
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The title says it all, links to new media and few notes are inside!

First up, here's several lists of what's coming out:
Books, via Bookish Coffee Blog
Streaming, courtesy of Slate
Movie theatres, via ScreenRant

Book wise, I'm excited about Ann Leckie's Translation State, which looks at the translators for alien Presger introduced in Imperial Radch space opera trilogy (aka Ancillary Justice and the sequels). Leckie's depiction of humans grown by aliens in order to facilitate communication between the Presger and humanity was one of several brilliant ideas from the Radch trilogy. Alternately amusing, compelling, and absolutely terrifying the translators are a eerily great example of how humanity's customs and culture could be interpreted by alien minds.

As for streaming, I want to check out Dunkirk on Netflix, simply because I've never seen it. War stories aren't my thing usually, but I've heard it's good and worth checking out. Also on Netflix is the 80s classic The Breakfast Club, so hell yeah, bring on the nostalgia!

Movie theatres feel a bit old school these days, but their big screens and excellent sound systems remain unmatched, especially when it comes to spectacle. So I'm cautiously hyped for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. It's a sequel to 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which was a dazzlingly mix of cutting edge animation and heartfelt story that feels like it couldn't be topped. But I've heard good things about the sequel, so fingers are crossed!

Wes Anderson's Asteroid City looks amazing and sounds promising! Set in 1955 around of a group of students and parents at sci fi convention who suddenly have to deal with some world changing events. That's wonderfully vague and Anderson's unique visual style is enough to at least check it out!

That's it from, what are you looking forward to this month, media wise?
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A new season of I Think You Should Leave just dropped on Netflix and I'm super excited. Only disappointment is they're too short and there are too few episodes every season.
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Dunkirk is definitely worth checking out, though I say that as someone who saw it in IMAX and have not gone back to it on the small screen... There's long stretches without much dialogue.

Asteroid City looks the most Wes Anderson so everyone probably already knows how they feel about it. I'm into it and that cast is just incredible.

I'm definitely most excited for the new season of Star Trek Strange New Worlds with a Lower Decks crossover!

For all the terrible reviews, I'm going to have to see the new Indiana Jones at the end of the month as well. Started my way through the series and I'm already dreading my rewatch of Crystal Skull but I'm also hoping that it will lower my expectations enough for me to enjoy Dial of Destiny.

And finally, more Music than Fanfare, there's a new Queens of the Stone Age album (In Times New Roman) out that I'm extremely keen to listen to.
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It rarely gets any traction on this site, but next week is the final reunion episode of Vanderpump Rules and it's been, so far, the most entertaining television I've seen in my life. I know that's hyperbolic, but it really is just pure soapy gold.
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Looks like Our Flag Means Death season 2 might be coming? No specific release date that I could see but June 2023.
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When I think about Dunkirk, I think of an old acting teacher whose theory was that in Oscarspeak, "Best" means "Most".

So Dunkirk is not the best picture-- it's full of war-movie clichés, quite predictable and easy to play Spot the Stiff-- but it was specifically made to be Best Picture-bait by being the Most Picture.

But I am looking forward very much to Across The Spider-Verse.
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Looking forward to another season of The Righteous Gemstones. We only recently discovered it, so we’re in that sweet spot of not having had to wait too long between seasons.
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Strange New Worlds is probably the top thing I'm looking for. I'm still avoiding theaters due to Covid, so Indy 5 will probably have to wait. I'm extremely excited, but can't make myself go to a movie where I'm wearing a mask instead of chomping down on buttered popcorn.
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"Strange New Worlds", 10000%

Movie-wise, Spider-verse and Transformers (I <3 Beast Wars) are probably in-theater must-sees. The few others I'm kinda hyped for (Asteroid City, The Flash, and No Hard Feelings) are all "wait for streaming".

Slate seems to have missed the June 15th coming of season 6 of "Black Mirror". That and Amy Schumer's upcoming special are the streaming things I'm waiting for.
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The Great British Sewing Bee just started a new season with a pretty great group of contestants. It also seems to go farther than past seasons in terms of having models with diverse body shapes, and next week is West Africa week and they're bringing in a guest judge, which I think is a first, so there's actually potential for it to be less cringe-y than international weeks usually are! (This might be helpful for viewers without access to the bbc.)
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Dunkirk might be my favorite Nolan film and amazingly only 90s minutes long.
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We'll definitely see Spiderverse, Asteroid City and Indiana Jones in the theaters and probably Fast X which we haven't caught up with yet.
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Can't wait to take my teenager to see Spider-Verse on the biggest screen possible. He has been looking forward to it all year long. Also looking forward to the new season of Black Mirror.

Most of the other stuff I'm looking forward to isn't going to happen until July, but that's when we get the new Nolan film Oppenheimer (a three hour Christopher Nolan biopic about the father of the atomic bomb) and season two of Good Omens (!!!).
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Summer is LGBTQ film festival season in California, with Frameline festival in San Francisco (in-person screenings June 14-24, streaming encore June 24-July 2) and Outfest in Los Angeles Thu, Jul 13, 2023 - Sun, Jul 23, 2023 (website not updated for this year yet.)

Among the films I'm most looking forward to at Frameline are opening night feature Fairyland, based on Alysia Abbott's memoir of the same name, the new 4K restoration of Stephen Winter's 1996 film Chocolate Babies, and bear cub coming of age camping trip movie Big Boys.
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If music is allowed, next week my favorite band, James, is releasing Be Opened By The Wonderful, which is a sort of best of their forty year career, backed by orchestral arrangements.

A couple of songs are already on Apple Music and they have that Chestertonian feeling of coming home to a familiar place and finding it new again. It’s lovely.
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AEW Forbidden Door II is set for late June, and there's looking like a real possibility that Kenny Omega might reunite with his former NJPW tag partner Kota Ibushi so that The Elite can gain traction against the Blackpool Combat Club.

Plus Zach Sabre Jr. can have his long-awaited, much-delayed match against Bryan Danielson so they can determine who is truly the greatest mat monkey on earth.
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Oh if we’re adding music to this mix, then I’m so happy that my absolute favorite band, Cowboy Junkies, has a new album out!
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Clone High season 2!
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Across the Spider-Verse (seeing that today!), Strange New Worlds (in addition to the Lower Decks crossover, it looks like we'll finally see the return of the TOS movie/TNG era Klingons, and Carol Kane is the new engineer), and... maybe Oppenheimer, maybe The Flash (if I do, it'll be about 90% for Keaton's Batman). Also, I haven't seen the Avatar sequel yet and that drops on Disney+, as does Secret Invasion, Marvel's Skrull invasion series. I've got two big bike rides scheduled, so it's not going to be a media-heavy month for me.
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Secret Invasion and Jack Ryan.
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The final season of Endeavour is coming up this month on PBS (36 episodes spread out over 10 years) and as with every season (until renewal was established) I watch it with foreboding because DI Thursday wasn't ever mentioned in Inspector Morse. I didn't even watch Morse more than a couple episodes, never liked what I saw but Endeavour is just amazing, the 60s-early 70s era production design and the acting (especially Roger Allam and Anton Lesser). Since it's already been broadcast in the UK and I haven't heard of any drastic resolution, I'm cautiously looking forward to Christmas reunion episodes.
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I’m watching the Sewing Bee too Trig! Really liking this season.

I cannot wait for the Barbie movie and the Oppenheimer movie, I contain multitudes 😂

Also looking forward to Elemental and Bottoms in movies, for TV, The Crowded Room and Secret Invasion.
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OK, looks like I'm not quite getting my wishes for Forbidden Door, but I am getting a rematch of Omega/Ospreay and a never-before Danielson/Okada!
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Also watching and enjoying the Sewing Bee. That and the Pottery and the Woodworking series being all I watch all year so it does rather transform my week when one of them is on. Have thought about making a FanFare thread for it but not managed so far (came over all tired at the thought).

In books, I don't tend to be aware what's doing until it appears. Though there are a few people I pre-order; Lois McMaster Bujold, Celia Lake, Donna Andrews, Mercedes Lackey. There are other people who would be automatic pre-orders but they are inconveniently dead and not publishing new stuff.
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Not quite this month, but there is a Jennifer Crusie / Bob Mayer coming out in July. Lavender's Blue, first of a trilogy.
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