Never Have I Ever: Season 4 (Full Season)
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Senior year has finally arrived. Between college conundrums, identity crises and crushes that won't fade, are Devi and the gang ready to face the future? Season 4, the final season, dropped on Netflix June 8th, 2023.
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Oh, I had forgotten about all the second-hand embarrassment! Ah, high school.
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I feel kind of gross watching a show about teenagers as an adult but this is more entertaining than many offerings.
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Don't feel too bad, most of the people playing those teenagers are also adults!
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I have now finished the season. I enjoyed most of it- wish they had written Paxton off or given him less questionable storylines. Just leave us with Trent, who I adore!
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I enjoyed this.

I agree that Paxton's storyline didn't work - it felt like trying to shoehorn him in. I would have preferred just seeing him when he came home at school breaks.

But overall, I liked the theme of everyone growing up and moving on. I was happy with where the characters ended up.
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Never Have I Ever even heard of this. Derail, but: I'm surprised that these streaming services haven't come up with better ways of promoting their content. I'm on a few subreddits about TV and streaming services just to keep my eyes open for things I might be interested in watching.

I'm routinely seeing posts like "XYZ show got cancelled in its sixth season without a finale!" and I have never even heard of XYZ show, despite being here on FanFare and following subreddits. The streamers just present a numbing splatter of thumbnails at me. Unless something catches fire like Stranger Things or Wednesday, I have no clue what these shows are about of if they're even worth trying. It's no wonder "good" things get cancelled so often... how the hell am I supposed to even know about them?
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Loved the whole season, but was really surprised to see Jeff Garlin. Otherwise, just an excellent cast all around.
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I’m glad everyone got a nice future and figured things out. But I’m also glad that they aren’t dragging it out with college and stuff since the actors are getting so long in the tooth. I agree that Paxton’s story felt shoehorned in, but I think you could say that about some of the others as well. My favorite part was probably Kamala and Devi’s wedding dance—that was fun.
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I really liked this season and I was surprised by how emotional I got during the last two episodes. I appreciated that they gave Devi a lot of character growth over the course of the series but still let her be a teenager at the end. She's such a great, interesting, complex character and I'll miss her!

I agree Paxton's storylines were weird and were the major issue I had with this season. Somehow he felt more like Devi's older brother this season, which was a little weird when you remember he is her ex! (I cringed when they kissed) And then on the other side it felt a bit odd that a college grad would be dating this guy who had just graduated from high school, and who was still hanging out with his high school friends. All in all, his plotlines just weirded me out this season.
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> She's such a great, interesting, complex character and I'll miss her!

This! Devi is so freaking amazing as a character and her arc is *chefkiss*. I have a 12 yr old who looks uncannily like a young Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and and happens to share Devi's (old) outbursts of temper. She and I watch this show together and watching her watch a version of herself on screen just makes my heart feel so full.

What a great show. I'm grateful it exists.
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I'm gonna miss (most of) those kids.
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I was very satisfied with how this wrapped up. Lots of growth, and lots of "happy now" without promising "happily ever after." I agree that Paxton's storyline added very little, but I did enjoy seeing him learn to love teaching and inspiring.
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