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I mentioned back in August of last year that I would like to make a spin-off of the horror club that posts Friday the 13th movies on every Friday the 13th. Since this upcoming Friday falls on the 13th, I wanted to toss the idea into the ring again.

There are 3 Friday the 13th's that fall in 2015, February, March and November, followed by just one in 2016 (May) and roughly 2 a year after that going forward. Basically, it will be a long, slow burn to finish the series (12 movies as of today, with a 13th planned for May release 13, 2016), assuming only one more release, we would wrap it up in 2021. Who's with me?!

Availability is good, with it on Netflix, Amazon, and Epix (?), and digital rental available everywhere.
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Actually, I am just going to go ahead and go for it. 7 years is a long time, so interest will probably come and go over that period and I might as well start sooner than later. So if you read this, give it a rewatch and away we go.
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The current setup of Horror Club is based on alternating weeks of announcing then discussing. This week is supposed to be an announcement followed by a discussion on the 13th. There is a backup plan to make sure the club keeps trucking on: if the person slated to make the next pick (which should go up on a Friday) doesn't announce it by the subsequent Monday morning, they forfeit their slot and anyone can choose in their place.

If whoever is following up Kitteh (who made the last pick) chokes, you can jump in and make the first Friday the 13th film this cycle's official Horror Club pick, too.
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I'm completely unable to plan that far in the future. I'm totally onboard for this Fri, though.
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The Friday the 13th movies are a fascinating and completely accidental chronicle of exploitation filmmaking from the end of the '70s through the '80s, and are generally a blast anyhow. I would be up for us going through the series once a week or so for the next couple months.
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I am certainly not trying to lay claims to the posting of any movies here, kittens for breakfast. If you want to post them weekly from this Friday, feel totally free. Since the threads don't close, I will just post follow up links on the upcoming Friday the 13ths and everyone will be happy.
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Noooooooo, I don't mean me! I'm saying, go for it, it'll be fun, but you probably don't have to stagger them out over the course of, like, years.
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This is true, kittens for breakfast, but it is also my one shot at greatness. If I can manage to pull it off, my number will be retired and I will get a banner hung from the rafters of the MeFi World Headquarters. That's how it works, right?
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This is fun and I applaud your commitment!
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