Sleepy Hollow: What Lies Beneath
February 10, 2015 4:36 AM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Ichabod and Abbie face demonic creatures guarding a secret crypt and cross paths with Thomas Jefferson; Jenny learns a secret about Irving.
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I was happy for the Jekyll/Hyde explanation of Irving's behavior; kinda spaced out on what exactly he was trying to steal.

I don't think the writers did a convincing job at establishing the need to blow up the Fenstella right that second - if the only way in or out was through ye olde manhole cover, no reason they couldn't have had Jenny on lookout duty to keep civilians out while Abbie & Ichabod cleared out the Reavers and/or packed up the books/scrolls/whatever and got Hologram Jefferson to tell them his secrets.
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It seemed that, at the end, most of the Reavers had been secured in the grotto behind a metal gate, so, one assumes, they had been neutralized for the moment. So, the only reason at the time to blow the place up would be to make sure no one else could gain access.

Seems to me, Holo-Jefferson could have at least handed Crane one "super-special" artifact to help them in their work before the place was blown.

No majikal spell or powerful artifact to remove the Reavers? Only high-explosives?

The scene on the navy ship was kind of a letdown, too. Crane no longer seems to be amazed by anything in this age anymore, save for the occasional pop-culture snark. I used to enjoy his stranger-in-a-strange-land experiences. Anymore, he seems almost as jaded as anyone else.
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I think the books were holographs too, which makes me giggle at the thought of Abby and Ichabod having to sit at a desk reading while Holo-Jefferson turns the pages of the books for them. Otherwise the fact that they didn't stuff anything into a bag before they blew the place really doesn't make sense.

Actually, here's my problem - this was a much more entertaining episode than they've been in a while, but there's still so much that doesn't make sense. Were the electric mole men somehow linked to the power source of the chamber, so without them you have no chamber? I've seen people say that but it doesn't jibe with what I remember from the episode. So why not come back with superior firepower (Team Witness has to stop crawling into dark holes with only a crossbow and one gun and no idea what they're potentially facing) and kill off the crawlies and then use the chamber?

Also, man...they continue to fundamentally misunderstand what makes a character interesting when writing Katrina. It looks like her journey to the dark side isn't even going to be a choice she makes. Also the choice to make her uber-powerful when she's dark and hapless when she's good is just so stale a choice.
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I was disappointed that Crane didn't take the opportunity to ask HoloJefferson about Sally Hemings. Crane learning about the DNA proof and muttering "some people you just don't really know" was one of the more comical moments from Season 1.

I think the reason for destroying the Fenstella was that if they tried to clear out the Reavers the fragile power supply would probably be destroyed anyway, and using the destruction of the power supply allowed them to clear the Reavers more certainly and safely. The Reavers were not in fact confined behind the gate; there was another passage which bypassed the Fenstella which is how the workers originally got where they were and how the Reavers ended up chasing after Crane after he set the charge to blow it up.
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I thought this was a good episode. Felt in a lot of ways like a return to Season 1 form, right from the beginning with Abby actually getting called in to a police investigation as if she were a person who has a full-time job as a member of the police force. The various aspects of the plot that probably don't quite add up but the show moved too fast for you to be quite sure is pretty classic Season 1, as well, as is the having all kinds of plot externalities just boil down to forcing Ichabod and Abby to make a moral choice. Plus, I liked the reporter guy, he has some potential as a recurring character so I hope he pops up again (and not just because Sharif Atkins is awesome, although he totally is).

I was happy for the Jekyll/Hyde explanation of Irving's behavior; kinda spaced out on what exactly he was trying to steal.

I'm not convinced Frank's Jekyll-and-Hyde explanation was actually true; and it requires him to have done a whole lot of stuff off-camera that I'm not sure exactly when he would've had time to do. But anyways, what he was trying to steal (at least according to what he told Jenny once she caught him lying about the wedding ring) was a USB drive with a bunch of info about Henry's off-shore accounts and financial dealings. Ostensibly so he could, I guess, steal a bunch of money from Henry's accounts to give to his wife and daughter to get them out of town.

I don't think it'll happen this way, but it would amuse me a lot if evil Katrina turned out to be just as mostly-ineffectual as good Katrina usually is.
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I'm just sitting here stoked for holograms and reavers. It was super good and exciting!
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