My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 238: Face 2 Face 11: No One Goes Home Alone
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Live from the Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! Join us as we pitch projects to Tim Allen, discuss the sexual potential of Donny Osmond and hang out with our pal, Drew Davenport.
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As much as I love The Brothers Mac, I have never been able to stand listening to tapings of their live shows. Regardless of the sound quality it seems like they are always yelling, and the goofs are, I don't know, more forced? I think it's fantastic that they are able to make some money selling tickets (and I thought Home For The Candlenights was just the most lovely idea), and I'm sure I would enjoy going to one of their live shows (I entertained the idea of driving from NC to Huntington for Home For The Candlenights) but I mostly skip Face 2 Face episodes, and while I gave this one a try for a while, I had to pass on this one pretty soon.
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I am planning to drive to Huntington if they do Candlenights 2015! But I have that same feeling about all of my podcasts when they put out a live show. The magic just doesn't translate very well in podcast form when they're performing for a live audience.
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I actually prefer their live shows, but perhaps its because the first podcast I heard was a live one, when Justin nicknamed somebody in the audience something like "One in the Pink, Two in the Fink."

They are livelier with an audience, which I can see as sounding forced.

I also enjoy them because I know the guy who got up a few years ago to talk about having his wife cheat on him (know the wife too) that caused the "no bummer" rule. And he is a bummer, and I am glad his legacy is that his question is obliquely referred to every live show.
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