Adventure Time: The Mountain
February 12, 2015 9:04 PM - Season 6, Episode 28 - Subscribe

Finn follows the Earl of Lemongrab to a mystical mountain.
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That was... totally opaque to me. Were the catcher's mitts something important to the Lemongrab backstory that I should remember? Why did the lemon candies blow up Michael? What uh... what even happened?

Beaucoup spookoo legends, tho.
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For some reason, I thought the mitts were like putting mittens on a baby to keep them from scratching themselves.
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In a previous episode don't Finn and Jake come across an otherwise empty chamber in Lemongrab's castle with a catcher's mitt on a pedestal? I think that's the only previous reference.
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Oh, little Lemonsweets! The Jesse Moynihan episodes are often my favorites (comics readers might enjoy his Forming series, a definitely-not-for-children saga that's kind of like a Jodorowskian take on Chariots of the Gods? with a whole lot of stoner humor), and the Lemongrab episodes are as well. I'm not sure I can completely decode all the symbolism here, but I did have a blast watching it. And I love that Finn saved Lemongrab without hesitation, even after everything -- that's what heroes do, right?
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I admit I had no clue what was going on here but "INFINITE STAIRS ARE UNACCEPTABLE" was "just wonderful", as Tree Trunks would say.
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One of the more esoteric episodes and always a gamble with Lemongrab. His character is always so abrasive and yet, somehow, they find ways to make him sympathetic. It's weird. Cosmic fist bump, yo!

I probably need to rewatch it to be able to aptly make any type of comment about it, in all honestly.
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