Shameless (US): A Bottle of Jean Nate   Rewatch 
February 14, 2015 1:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Frank’s mom, Peggy, is staying at the Gallaghers’ house. Peggy to Carl: “Anything you’re good at? How about let’s teach you a skill” — starting a meth lab. Jasmine has a boat party, and invites both Steve and Fiona. Steve, who still doesn’t see why it’s such a big deal whether he’s named Steve or Jimmy, tells Fiona to “just say the word” and he’ll leave his wife. Fiona: “The fact that you would do that, means that we can never be together.”

After everyone else has left the boat party, Jasmine takes advantage of Fiona’s vulnerable state by coming onto her — “Men are assholes … and you deserve to have someone treat you like a queen” — and giving her a passionately sustained kiss. Jasmine quickly realizes she’s misread Fiona. The next day, Jasmine apologizes to Fiona in her house … and asks to stay there. Hal has kicked out Jasmine because he found out she was cheating. (“I gave him the best blow jobs of his life!” says Jasmine about the man she’s been cheating with, whose boat she stole for the party.) When Fiona says no, Jasmine’s angry side comes out.

Jody tells Karen not to drink multiple cups of coffee — “it’s not good for the fetus.” Karen blithely responds: “Well, it’s good for me.” We see Karen and Jody finally having sex. It’s weird, it involves the song “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal and Jody seems to be way more into it than Karen is. Lip helps Karen make a “pre-nup” (actually a post-nup), and Karen asks Jody to sign it while he’s watching TV, telling him it’s just some insurance paperwork. When Jody realizes what the forms really are, he doesn’t care — “I love you no matter what.” Later, Karen interrupts their sex and throws Jody out of the house. Jody starts camping out and serenading Karen in the yard. (“If you don’t like Air Supply, I know other songs!”)

Karen restarts her affair with Lip. Lip drops out of high school to take care of her and the baby.

Ian and Lip hadn’t been speaking with each other, but Ian finally speaks up about Lip and Karen: “You could have anything you want. This is the life you choose?” Lip says he isn’t going to walk out on his kid like Frank — “and even the Pentagon says it’s OK to be gay, but you’re too chicken shit to let anyone know.” They start fighting but Peggy enters and stops them. Her grandmotherly advice: “One of the lion’s gotta leave the den… Somebody’s gotta bleed. Fight it out, see who’s alpha wolf.” They take her advice.

There are some nice, rare scenes of Frank & Fiona cooperating together — trying to find a way to get rid of Peggy. They get back home to find out that Peggy went to the ER, and was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Peggy doesn’t seem to believe the cancer diagnosis. She asks Carl: “Did you blow up our lab?” Carl: “A little bit.”

Kev & V get a rabbit, Ethel #2, who runs away. Kevin is shocked to find that Stan, the bar owner, has fallen asleep in his bathtub with the water overflowing, leaking through the bar ceiling. Kev & V bring Ethel #2 and Stan together.

Steve shows up at Fiona’s house saying, “I love you.” Fiona: “Don’t.”
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