Bosch: 'Tis the Season
February 16, 2015 3:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

I haven't read the books so my view isn't tainted, and I'm liking this from the get go. It's a bit weird for me having some Sons of Anarchy mixed up with my Fringe and The Walking Dead though.
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Titus Welliver is a criminally underused actor, and this series is using his talents well. I've read the books, but they're mixing up a couple-few of the books well enough that I'm not quite seeing every twist before they get to them. All in all, if you like the pilot, you'll like the remainder.
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Huh! I just finished reading The Black Echo, which I liked more than I expected, so this is relevant to my interests. I'll keep an eye on these posts and will probably watch the first episode when I have a chance.
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Lance Reddick as Irving is throwing me off because I've always pictured that character as Rawls!

Overall, though, I am very very impressed with how well this show is done. I've read all the books, and the character and the version of LA he lives in are really dear to me; they've done a great job remaining true to the spirit of the character and his world, even while having to change some stuff for obvious reasons (Welliver being too young to be a Vietnam vet, etc.) Even Bosch's house looks exactly as I've imagined.
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Great to see Lance Reddick and Jamie Hector again! Wire actors FTW! I haven't noticed Titus Welliver before but he seems pretty good.
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I just finished reading The Black Echo

That's the one with the tunnels right?

The tunnel rat flashback stuff really made my skin crawl, if I'm remembering this right. And I was frustrated to be unable to find any source for the kind of interconnected network of DWP tunnels under major avenues I recall the novel using as a plot device.

I need to watch this show. But from having just seen the ads and billboards, doesn't the lead look kind of like Bogart?
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Yeah, it's the one with the tunnels. The flashbacks are awful.
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I love the LA locations they choose for this series. Maybe it's just because I live on the east side, but they seem authentic in terms of being places that people who live in LA actually drive past, eat at, shop at, etc. Combined with the pretty cinematography, you can really feel the fondness of the city oozing out of this show.
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Started binging this late last week, and I'm really enjoying it. He is particularly noir in his noir-ness. I was unfamiliar with the books, but knowing he was originally supposed to be a Vietnam vet, some of the character makes more sense.
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