Interview with the Vampire: What Can the Damned Really Say to the Damned   Books Included 
May 12, 2024 10:54 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Louis recounts Claudia's quest to find Old World vampires amidst the backdrop of WWII Europe. (AMC summary) We're back, baby! New episodes stream on AMC every Sunday.
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I am SO EXCITED. Can't believe the new season is finally here, after all the shooting delays caused by the strikes.

Delainey Hayles makes an absolutely splendid Claudia. I thought Bailey Bass was wonderful in S1, but Delainey's performance instantly won me over. Loved Claudia's withholding silence, which is referenced in the book but is also suddenly so clearly learned from Louis.

A few other bits of random screaming from E1:

New intro graphic! Armand's ongoing commitment to living his best tits out life (Assad Zaman making the pivot to Armand from Rashid is so good, my God)! REAL RASHID! Jacob Anderson's beautiful suffering face continues to grind me into the dirt, augh. This season in Paris is going to destroy me, I can tell.
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God, this was so good. I missed this show so much. I forgot how perfect and poetic the writing is. Armand looking at Daniel like he doesn't know whether he wants to fuck him or eat him! Armand and Louis and their giant bed and their fucking Bacon triptych and their "we saw you across the bar" energy. GOD.
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So good. I'm very happy with this show being back.

I wonder if his encounter with Morgan is what drew Louis to seek out Daniel (twice). He seems incapable of getting one past a reporter, so maybe he realizes that's who he needs calling him out on his bullshit if he's ever going to untangle his story.
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Yay! Gay vampire time!

Again, so glad this is back. I was pleased the show included the excursion/search into Eastern Europe from the book, even if it was modified. (I have to admit I was expecting Morgan to rush out into the night, crazed from grief, and Louis & Claudia would find him nearly dead.)

Armand is here to fuck shit up, y'all. My guess is that somehow Armand--who is extremely jealous of anyone getting more attention than him--has repressed Louis' memories of who really ordered Claudia's death (*cough* Armand *cough*), and that box will be opened by the final episode. I only think this as readers of the book know that he and Armand split up after Louis figured it out.

I s2g, Sam Reid better be getting his own show after they wrap this up. We had damn well better get The Vampire Lestat.

The death of older vampire lady reminded me of the older vampire lady in TVL who threw herself into the bonfire after admiring Lestat and Gabrielle's determination to not hide in cemeteries. (The phrase "The Devil's Road" made me think that.)

And Daniel needling Armand? *chef's kiss*

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I want to tell you all about 16 year old haplesschild, who was fresh off of reading Queen of the Damned and literally declared Armand her lord and savior, heading into the movie theater in 1994, SO excited to see him on the big screen and finding.....Antonio Banderas? Excuse me, sir, you are not Armand. And then the disastrous QotD film and again I am left wondering where Armand was. Has anyone seen Armand?

Well, I can now say:


I know Assad is not reading this, but I need to put it into the universe: THANK YOU. Thank you for every smirk, every flick of your fingers across that tablet, every energy-charged glance you toss at others. Assad's Armand is the shade I've waited for & believed would come some evening in limousines....from AMC.

The big reveal last season made me curious and hopeful, but your performance in S2 E1 was a numinous experience for me.

There is so much to love about this show being back, and I know I'll comment on it as the eps go on, but right now it's Thursday and I am still on an "Armand is here" high from Sunday. It took so long but it was worth the wait.
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