Palm Royale: Full Season
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In 1969, an ambitious woman aspires to cross the line between the haves and have-nots to secure her seat at America’s most exclusive, fashionable, and treacherous table: Palm Beach high society.
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I went into this a little wary because Kristen Wiig is very hit-or-miss for me, but she’s amazing in this, and so is the rest of the cast. Julia Duffy and Mindy Cohn are standouts among the supporting characters, too.

Carol Burnett is such a genius that she manages to be hilarious even in scenes where she’s mostly comatose.
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Since we’re full seasoning it— I thought the most exciting thing it did was go out on *that* episode. If it ends here, it may just be elevated.

I wish the writing had been a bit snappier and that Martin had found his footing a bit sooner, because he was great by the end. The whole cast was really excellent, and so was the production.

Ending on a bury your gays trope is so garbage, even if the writer/show runner is family.
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I got some whiplash on this. Amazing cast, but not what I though a Kristin Wiig vehicle would be at all. Carol Burnette felt a little wasted, but she absolutely stood out. Even still, it was getting a little stale for me, but then that whole "Is That All There Is?" performance at the end was so perfect, it won me over! And then they shoot the gay angel character? I don't know, why can't there just be a sense of closure instead of a lazy cliffhanger?
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It doesn’t look it has been officially renewed, but the correction on the LA Times review says it has. I would be very surprised if Robert turned out to actually be dead.

I binged the show so I don’t know how it felt week-to-week but I really liked the pacing of the twists and reveals and the progression into bits of magical realism in the last few episodes.
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We enjoyed the show and would watch a second season. But I feel that we never got a justification for Norma’s hatred of Maxine.
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The first five or six episodes were kind of meandering. I felt like the season didn't really hit its stride until the second half—then it suddenly got a lot more interesting, and of course kept ramping up to a boffo finale, which was perhaps overloaded.

It was interesting watching a show where so few of the characters are sympathetic. Kristen Wiig is great, but Max isn't really a sympathetic character. Nor is her husband, nor is Norma, and so on. Also interesting seeing Kristen Wiig being so glammed up.
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I read somewhere that Laura Dern had originally signed on to play Wiig's part, which would have been a really different shift in energy.

The Hollywood Reporter - Apple Studios Hit With Class Action Over Allegedly Shortchanging Background Actors On ‘Palm Royale’
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