Dark Matter: The Corridor   Show Only 
May 22, 2024 6:43 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Jason and Amanda fight to stay alive in the dangerous Corridor. Jason2 makes some life changes and visits an old friend.
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I'm glad they aren't dragging out how the mystery box works, because honestly that's sort of the least interesting part of the show, in a way? A magical macguffin that can take you anywhere, woo hoo. Let's see them doing interesting things with the macguffin, then, and not just recapitulating Sliders, y'know? And so, yeah, one episode from "hey this is wild" to "we control our destination with our minds", that's about right.
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Just to check: Scientist Jason spent a year wandering the multiverse, seeking out an alternative universe where he put family before his career and Science... then after about a week, he got bored with that and started making Big Science Moves again?
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Wacky, right? It's like he's incapable of not rocking the fucking boat, or something.
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