Nashville: I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong.
February 19, 2015 6:49 AM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Luke takes the boys out to celebrate his relationship status. Deacon writes a will. Jeff twirls his mustache.
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How unprofessional was that passive aggressive engineer that was working with Avery?
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The surly, burly engineer and I were on the same page, I think: Are we EVER going to get to the music? It feels like something really changed in the last two episodes.

The first two episodes of Nashville I saw were Season 3, Ep. 7 and 8. They were on my Tivo suggestions and I didn't expect much, but Episode 7 had Layla's song at the bar and Scarlett and Terry's duet at the Bluebird. And then the next one was the CMA awards - great episode, great music.

So then I binge-watched the first two seasons, and the characters were great, and it was wonderful how they tried to incorporate the city into the story. And I loved T-Bone Burnett's influence(I read someone saying that Nashville features the music Burnett felt SHOULD be popular in Nashville). Even after he left, I felt that the music and the focus on songwriting and craft stayed intact.

But this episode and the last one are the Nashville show that I figured I wouldn't be interested in three years ago. I can't even understand what happened. Why is nobody singing? Why can't we stay in a scene for longer than 90 seconds? Why follow every possible storyline in one episode? Nothing has time to develop. Where is all the ambition and the energy, the striving?

Anyway, now that I've unburdened myself...can't wait until Juliette has that baby so she can liven things up. It would be nice if the abused spouses and naughty mayors and mopey mopers could get back to their careers. And yes, Jeff Fordham is basically Snidely Whiplash at this point. How did that particular mixture of schemer/blunderer make it so far?
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