Encounter Party: Co-Signed to the Future
May 28, 2024 2:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Vinh and Asher are attacked by members of a secret organization that may be the cause of everyone's problems. Their fates now firmly intertwined, the party signs a contract for a mission in search of more answers.
posted by Saxon Kane (5 comments total)

Best NPC ever, and everyone's reactions to him (and Brian as THE VELVETEEN MASK) were priceless.

Actually, maybe the best part of this episode for me was how much fun Brian was having basically playing against himself as THE VELVETEEN MASK straight murderin' some Future Acolytes.

Ooof, poor Landree in that fight. The Dice Gods were definitely against her, and boy do I know how bad that feels, rolling single digit after single digit, round after round. It's so demoralizing; one the one hand, you are the one rolling the dice, so it feels like you just suck at rolling dice, but on the other hand, you know that it's random and you have no effect on the outcome. Sort of doubly demeaning.

Enjoying how the characters storylines have merged into a joined quest, yet there are still distinct strands and motivations -- you can imagine a version of the story where they split off again after signing their contract.

And finally:
Love the skeleton; just love it. Immediately reminded me of New Crobuzon from Perdido Street Station & Iron Council. Damn, how nice it must be to have a budget for custom designed models!!!
posted by Saxon Kane at 4:56 PM on May 28

Sitting at that table I could not believe how much Landree's dice were out to kill her :P
posted by neddonovan at 1:44 PM on May 30

I could see the lights changing and that hand gesture whenever I read "THE VELVETEEN MASK" in your post. :) Truly just sheer delight!

I feel like in most RPG groups one player will become known as a poor roller, even though everyone knows it's random. (And, knowing that, people will still switch out poorly performing dice...) It may be poor Landree here!

Yes, the skeleton was incredible! What it must've been like to open your eyes and see it there. And on the subject of props, I thought having the players actually sign the contract was a nice touch.

A couple other things I appreciated: Even the handshakes vary for different NPCs with DM Brian's stellar acting! And I loved Ulavina's pattering steps every time she opened the door.
posted by thataway at 8:11 PM on May 31

Yeah, I love the actual physical interaction bits, with the contract, the birdcage, etc.

Ulavina is the kind of apprentice any wizard would LOVE to have :)

I was thinking more about the skeleton set, which while cool, is also so specific that it is kinda impossible to use again, unless you happen to role-play in a world with a bunch of dead giant corpses lying around. So it got me thinking: it's kind of a waste to build something so cool and then have almost no use for it except as a display item, so for Season 2, the producers should try to work out some cross-promotion deal with Is It Cake? and have them make edible D&D minis. And not just the landscapes -- characters too! How satisfying would it be to kill some monster with a nat 20, then chomp down on it for realsies?
posted by Saxon Kane at 4:56 PM on June 1

for Season 2, the producers should try to work out some cross-promotion deal with Is It Cake? and have them make edible D&D minis.

Ha! This is brilliant. I mean, really, the making of these could be its own spin-off show.
posted by thataway at 6:46 PM on June 2

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